Tourism Across the Ancient Port Cities of East Africa : The ancient ports of East Africa can be located on various places across the entire eastern African countries, whereas the ones in the Swahili city-states are leading. Many talks of them as a collective union but sometimes each as their independent history.

One of the things that made the east African ports unique compared to other parts of Africa was their interconnection with the rest of the world. Today these ancient ports of east African ports have a lot of tourism activities. The list below describes the Ancient port of east Africa and tourism activities across them.


Stone town was once a seaport for exporting gold, ivory, and spices. Its expansion started when Oman Arabs began ruling Zanzibar. The Arab traders kidnapped people from the mainland of east Africa and sailed them to the slave market in stone town, Zanzibar, and later shipped them to Asian countries.

On the other side, the stone town was a warehouse for maritime trade routes. The Commodities of Gold, Ivory, and Animal Hides from east Africa, were shipped through the stone town port.

Tourism Across the Ancient Port Cities of East Africa
Stone Town

The trades through the Stone Town port made the Zanzibar island grow and get richer. For instance, famous traders such as Arabs, Indians, and Persians settled in Zanzibar town.

With this in mind, a trip to stone town in Zanzibar is not complete without visiting its world heritage sites. Here are the top tourist activities to do in stone town.

Visit the sites and attractions: There are buildings, monuments, and museums that showcase the history of Zanzibar. Exploring the town’s narrow streets and passing down different shops with arts and crafts can also be a good experience.

Try some local food: While street foods are in many areas around town, a variety of dish options are in local restaurants, from seafood to vegetarian choices. And because the stone town has Indian influence, Indian Cuisine is also worth a try.

Visit the beach and watch the sunset: on the beach, you will look at the activities done by the locals, do sports, and sit and relax while enjoying a golden hour.


Kilwa is in the south of Tanzania. At one time, Kilwa was probably the most beautiful and powerful city-state in the whole of east Africa in around the 14th century. Kilwa Kisiwani is an island in the ancient city of Kilwa. It was a trading center of the Swahili people. The Swahili people traded across the Indian Ocean, north to the gulf region, east to India, and as far away as china. The port was famous for the facilitation of the gold trade. Gold was mined in Zimbabwe and brought on foot to the Kilwa Kisiwani Port, loaded down into dhows and sailing ships, and then transported north to the marketplaces. Kilwa has all aspects of tourism. It has historical ruins such as the Great Mosque, Mukutani Palace, the Great Palace, and the Gereza Fort dating over 800 years back and exceptional sandy beaches.


The port of Mombasa served Dhow and sailing ships from Portugal, India, Arabian Gulf, and the Far East. It had a good which facilitated the transportation of Gold, animal skins, and tusk from east Africa to other continents. Before Mombasa became well established as a port for trade across the Indian Ocean, the general area was the site of a settlement inhabited by Bantu-speaking people who engaged in farming, fishing, and local trading.

Tourism Across the Ancient Port Cities of East Africa

 It is also one of the most beautiful places to explore on the continent due to its location on a coral island in the bay of the Indian ocean with numerous beachfront hotels that appeal to travelers searching for sun, sand, and surf. And its Arab, Indian, and colonial European heritage makes for a wide variety of sights to see, Tourism Across the Ancient Port Cities of East Africa

The old city has a strong vibe with narrow streets, high houses with curved ornamental balconies, and mosques and temples. Mombasa city has a mix of locals, Arabs, Asians, Portuguese, and British settlers. The Tourist opportunities in Mombasa include the Fort Jesus built by the Portuguese at the end of the 16th century. And beautiful beaches to enjoy the natural landscapes and the sun.

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