Top Attractions in Mombasa  : Mombasa is a coastal city in southeastern Kenya along the Indian Ocean, the city is well known as the white and blue city in Kenya, it is the country’s oldest and the second- largest city after Nairobi with a population of 1,208,333 people according the 2019 census. Its metropolitan region is the second- largest in the country and has a population of 3,528,940 people, Mombasa’s location on the Indian Ocean made it a historical trading centre it’s a key exports then were ivory, millet, sesamum, coconuts and has been controlled by many countries because of its strategic location. Today Mombasa is a tourism based city, home to one of the state houses, with an extra-large port and an international airport.

Top 10 attractions in Mombasa, Kenya.

1.Fort Jesus.

The Fort Jesus, was built by the Portuguese’s in 1593 – 1596 to the designs of Giovanni Battista Cairati to protect the port of Mombasa, is one of the most outstanding and well preserved examples of 16th Portuguese military fortification and a landmark in the history of this type of construction. The Fort’s layout and form reflected the Renaissance ideal that protect proportions and geometric harmony are to be found in the human body. The property covers an area of 2.36 hectares and includes the fort’s moat and immediate surroundings. Mombasa was a transit place for trade at that time and a gateway to India, and the fort was built to protect the town from outside invaders.

Today the fort is open as a museum and visitors can explore the island and view some of the historical structures that are still in existence including the Oman House where the Sultan who governed the East African coast stayed.

Top Attractions in Mombasa
Top Attractions in Mombasa
  1. Haller park.

The Haller park is a nature park in Bamburi, Mombasa on the Kenyan coast. It is the transformation of a quarry wasteland into an ecological area. Haller park holds a variety of animal and plant species which serves as a recreational spot for tourists and locals.

3.Mombasa Marine National Park.

It is located on the coast near tourist areas and is a popular beach because of the snorkelling and diving, other activities includes the taking a boat ride, recreational fishing, windsurfing, water skiing and viewing the other wildlife on land and underwater. It is the most frequently visited Kenya’s marine parks, it has coral reefs in its waters, the Mombasa marine national park also provides a home to a variety of marine species including crabs, starfish, stone fish, cucumbers sea urchins, corals, turtles, sea grasses and the migratory birds including the crab plovers.

4.North coast Beaches.

The North coast beach is also widely known for its nightclubs, restaurants and the modern hotels that are found in abundant here, you can enjoy the wear sports like the scuba diving and snorkelling here, camel rides are also a prominent activity done here. Visit the beach to find some relaxing peace in Mombasa.

5.Old town.

Old town is found in Mombasa, the town covers 180 acres of land with its tapered streets and ancient architecture, the old town provides a reflection the mix of cultures of the Arab, Portuguese, Asian and the British inhabitants who reside in Mombasa.

Top Attractions in Mombasa
Old Town

6.Mombasa Tusks.

Mombasa tusks are also referred to as Mapemba ya Ndovu form a monument over Moi Avenue, a major thoroughfare in Mombasa, Kenya, were erected in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the city, who stayed at the Mombasa Yachting Club. The idea was to remove them when the Queen returned home, but given their proximity to Uhuru Park, the citizen’s recreation area, the tusks almost became an attraction.

7.Mamba Village Centre.

The Mamba Village Centre is Africa’s largest crocodile farm, the most famous crocodile here is Big Daddy, who also happens to be the oldest crocodile in the farm with an age of over 100 years, apart from these attractions, the farm also hoses a snake Park, Museum, Fish Farm and Aquarium which has well attracts more tourists.

8.Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre.

Bombolulu Workshops and cultural centre fine exhibition of art and craft, this community project comprises of workshops and a cultural centre with different traditional homesteads of Kenya’s diverse tribes. Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre has trademark Bombolulu recycled materials design pieces, the centre produces thousands of different items of jewellery, wood, leather and soft furnishings. Bombolulu started in 1969 and the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya took over in 1987.

Top Attractions in Mombasa
Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre.
  1. Mombasa Go – Kart.

Mombasa Go – Kart, is a tracking racing event with small rear engine, four- wheeled cars. Karting is where motor sport starts, is consired as the little brother of tracks races. Karting is exploding in popularity everywhere around the Mombasa Go- Kart, and represents one of the best form of amateur racing to become involved in. Go –Kart besides being a nice hobby, is also a good base for other motor sports.

  1. Sun Africa Beach Resort Mombasa.

At sun Africa Beach Resort Mombasa, here you enjoy the white sand and the pristine luxury of Mombasa with the finest private beach at sun Africa Beach Resort. One of the most popular destinations in East Africa. Mombasa is alive with the captivating energy, Sun Africa Beach Resort, the only boutique property at the North coast, is the perfect luxurious escape in Mombasa.

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