The Attractive Islands of Zanzibar : Zanzibar has got the major attractive islands that recognized that includes Pemba, Chumbe, Mafia, Unguja, these are the most attractive destinations for the various tourists who visit the place on a safari. Zanzibar is the top most Africa’s tropical paradise offering the best to what the tourists wish to find in Zanzibar on a safari. Zanzibar is awesome safari destination that everyone has ever had in the thoughts because it has got the most famous features those are the attractions and activities to every tourist on a safari, try out a safari in Zanzibar you will never get disappointed.

The attractive islands of Zanzibar.

Pemba Island.

Pemba island is the main island in Zanzibar, also named as the ‘’green island’’. Pemba island is so attractive to the tourists because it offers the best attractions to the tourists with the fewer tourists and more hotels, with the most magical Manta Resort that you should never miss on a safari to Pemba located on the north most of the island with the most incredible features that gives a tourist the most unforgettable memories.

The Attractive Islands of Zanzibar
Pemba Island

Pemba Island is excellent safari destination with its natural beauty the island relates and explains to you what nature is all about with the most magical and so attractive beaches, coral gardens, walks and the relaxation in the paradise.

Mafia Island.

Mafia island is the third largest island in Zanzibar, compared to the Pemba, Mafia is far busy than Zanzibar, with the best diving safari in the whole world, the waters in the island are such extraordinary fertile, that inhabits the most astonishing population of the whale sharks and are popular breeding grounds of the humpbacks which return every year to breed. Mafia diving is the most gorgeous safari within the walking distance of Pole pole that will not just accommodate your under water adventures like swimming with whale sharks and reef diving.

There are a variety of the most loved places where the tourists can hung out around like the eco lodge Pole Pole Butiama Beach Hotel this is where the tourists do experience their best safari activities at Mafia Island. At Mafia Island the tourists are exposed to the sunset cruises through the Mafia archipelago to view the turtles hatching on the Juani Island and among many places.

Chumbe Island.

Chumbe island is the landmark of the tall lighthouse, the light house is the place in the annals of maritime history, the light house still works and winks the encouragingly all the night long at the dhows which play these waters. Though the Chumbe Island is not just the home to a secret host to the sea life but the island boasts the enormous, endangered coconut crabs and the rare Ader’s duiker. On a safari the tourists enjoy the Chumbe as a day trip from Zanzibar, snorkel the reefs and walking the island, still the guides during the night can take you and escort in the darkness while searching for the crabs, which is the planet’s largest land living anthropoid and can weigh up to five kilograms and can sustain its life until 60 years. The tourists who visit the Chumbe Island can explore and fulfill all their dreams in the Chumbe Island.

The Attractive Islands of Zanzibar
Chumbe Island.

Tourists who take a safari to the Chumbe Island do enjoy the variety of the attractions like the variety of the bird species, coral, tropical fish, hawksbill turtles on a safari to the Chumbe Island you can be helped along with the local guides where they take you through the guided forest walks, snorkeling and among others. The island is so amazing in that  the tourists can explore various over 400 fish species about 200 coral species and not only that the island involves itself in the local conservation as well as the involvement of the local communities.

Zanzibar Island or Ugunja.

Zanzibar island is renowned as the spice island that is located on the Indian ocean in Tanzania, the island is so attractive to every tourist on the planet in that the island has got the sandy beaches and also its known as the exotic destination that is visited to the variety of the tourists both for leisure and other among related activities on a safari. The tourists who visit the most spiced land engage themselves in the activites that includes the snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, visiting the sultans palace, visiting the stone town and among more. Zanzibar has got the most attractive and gorgeous islands where the tourists on a safari do experience the most unique creatures like the wildlife species and different cultures from the place.

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