Uganda National parks : Uganda the pearl of Africa, Uganda came to be known as the pearl of Africa after Winston Churchill described it as ‘’magnificence and variety in form and colour and for the profusion of brilliant life bird, insect, reptile, beast for vast scale’’. There is no one who can describe Uganda than the way Winston Churchill did.

 Uganda safaris leads you to the most prominent  attractions including national parks in Uganda which are 10 national parks located across the country from the far North of Uganda that is Kidepo National Park is located to the deep highland tropical rain forest of Bwindi Impenetrable forest National located on the south West part of the country. The Ugandan National Parks include Kidepo Valley national park which is known as a home to ostriches and cheetahs, Kibale Forest national park with the main attraction being chimpanzees, Queen Elizabeth national park famously known for tree climbing lions, Mount Elgon national park has the world’s largest caldera width of 8km, Semuliki National Park hosts the Sempaya hot springs, Murchison falls national park boasts for the mighty Murchison falls and a variety of wildlife in big numbers, Mount Rwenzori National Park is the third highest mountain in Africa and its highest peak is covered with snow throughout the year, Mgahinga National Park is where the rare mountain gorillas and endangered golden monkey are found and then Lake Mburo National Park has a dense population of a range of mammals including zebras, antelopes and many more.

The above national parks are subdivided into three categories that is the open savannah parks which habits mostly the carnivores and herbivores animals living together, most of them have even acquatic life animals with lakes or small pool of water sources that are located inside the various national parks, the key activities in these parks are the Game drives, nature walks, Bird watching, Boat cruise and many more.

The second category are the Mountainous parks which includes the two mountains we have in Uganda where hiking and birding is mostly done. Rwenzori Mountainous National is among the mountainous park that covers 100,000 hectares in western Uganda and comprises the main part of the Rwenzori mountain chain, which includes Africa’s third highest peak ( Mount Margherita : 5,109 m). The region’s glaciers, waterfalls and lakes make it one of Africa’s most beautiful alpine areas.

The third one is the tropical or rainy forests, these are the parks which mostly inhabits the primates they include the Kibale Forest known as the primates capital of the world, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park the home for mountain Gorillas where they call the climax of the Uganda safari.

Minus the Ugandan National Parks, the country is blessed with more attractions that includes the Lake Victoria, Lake George, waterfalls, cultural attractions, forests, religious sites, festivals, River Sezibwe, Lake Opeta, River Kafu,White Nile, River Kagera Lake Edward, Lake Bunyonyi, these are mostly regarded as the relaxing part of the Uganda Safaris where one spends time at leisure enjoying the beaches and the boats at the lakes, as the Ngamba lsland is the only home where one can see or visit the orphaned chimpanzees in Uganda, one is allowed to feed, play, carry and do many things with the chimpanzee, as well as hot springs like the Sempaya hot springs, Rwajimba Hot springs.

Activities which can be done in Uganda includes gorilla trekking safaris, hiking, city tours, bungee jumping, chimpanzee trekking, nature walks, bird watching, zip-lining, visits to religious sites, horseback riding, cultural encounters, mountain climbing, gorilla habituation and many more other activities.

Uganda is crossed by the equator and experiences a tropical of climate, and has it major types of transport that is the road transport, air transport, and water transport. The Ugandan currency is in Uganda shillings then the Ugandan time is in zone GMT +3.

Accommodation of Uganda.  Uganda has the most comfortable and suitable accommodations for the guests ranging from the Budget, Mid-range, and Luxury that are both situated outside the various Ugandan parks and others located inside the parks, also the country has got the various campsites that are divided into the public and special camping sites which also experience the guests with the wild nature of Uganda.

Uganda is largely described as the largest fresh water lake on the continent, the source of the longest river, the strongest waterfall, the largest number of primates, and the highest number of mountain gorillas worldwide.