Ultimate Guide for for Spice Island  : “Spending a week in Zanzibar” Zanzibar is a leading beach holiday destination in the world conveniently located on the shores of Tanzania, Zanzibar is composed of palm – fringed beaches, powdery white sand, historical villages and town, colorful markets and islands.

As a traveler planning to visit this magical island, here is the guide to visiting the island on a 1 week holiday.

Why Choose Zanzibar?

There are many reasons to why you should choose Zanzibar to be your next beach or honeymoon destination, Zanzibar as a destination is ideal for the following 3 categories of travelers

Ultimate Guide for for Spice Island
Ultimate Guide for for Spice Island
  1. Travelers who want to experience the gorgeous panoramas of destinations such as Seychelles or Maldives but are on a budget, unlike Seychelles or Maldives. Zanzibar is a pocket friendly destination.
  2. Travelers who love acquainting themselves with the rich culture and complex history of a new destination or country and at the same time want to enjoy scenic panoramas and gorgeous beaches.
  3. Travelers who want a luxurious but unique honeymoon destination or romantic gateway, in Zanzibar there is no shortage of Uber- luxurious resorts and beach hotels. Honeymooners and travelers on a romantic gateway have access to the best amenities while exploring the little villages, spice plantations, remote beaches of Zanzibar and many other sites on the island.

Things to Know before visiting Zanzibar

Like any other destination, before you visit Zanzibar, here are the things you should know before you visit this island

  • A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate – this certificate is needed upon arrival
  • Tanzania Visa – all international travelers are required to present a Tanzania visa upon arrival, as a tourist you can apply for a visa via online. This process is a seamless process, the Visa costs USD 50 and after applying for it you receive a PDF which you will present.

Best time to visit Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar Island is during the period of June to October, in this period the weather cool yet dry. December to February is also a great period to visit Zanzibar – in this period the weather is hotter but it is dry and the crowds are lesser.

Getting To Zanzibar

From the Mainland of Tanzania, one can get to Zanzibar by taking a direct ferry from Dar es Salaam which takes about 3 hours. Alternatively you can also take a short flight of 15 minutes from Kilimanjaro International airport to Ukunda Airport in Zanzibar.

Transfers within Zanzibar

The best way to get around Zanzibar is by using a taxi which will take you from the airport to your already booked hotel in Zanzibar, you are advised to book your hotel before you land in Zanzibar either by yourself or through a tour consultant.

You can also use private transfers by hiring a  private vehicle or using a vehicle offered by the travel agency.

One week Itinerary for a holiday in Zanzibar

When planning to stay in Zanzibar for a one week holiday, as a tour consultant we would suggest spending 2-3 days of the week in the Stone Town – a historical Town and 4-5 days in a beach side hotel.

Staying in Stone Town

The Stone Town is a wonderful town to stay and explore as well during your Zanzibar safari, Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and while on your holiday, 2-3 days are enough to immerse you into the sights and sound of this historical town.

Stone City has plenty of accommodation options where one can stay, however staying a boutique hotel adds on to your experience. Note: be aware of the following factors before you book your stay in a boutique hotel

  • There is no electric kettles in the rooms, this is because the buildings are very old (historical buildings) and electric kettles posses danger to the buildings.
  • The buildings are old, so expect a lot of stairs and winding pathways. These buildings are not disabled friendly.
  • There can be a lot of mayhem in the town, so expect to hear sounds of the Stone Town early in the morning.
Ultimate Guide for for Spice Island
Stone town

If you feel like the above factors will not bother you, then staying in a boutique hotel is the best choice ever as it offers an unparallel feeling of being amidst of so much history, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the market and the local people.

Emerson on Hurumzi is one of the best accommodation options in the Stone Town, this hotel is a gem as it is a refurbished historic building with the most scenic terrace restaurant in the Stone Town and colorful rooms which are full of character.

At this hotel, there is the famous rooftop teahouse and restaurant which is a perfect spot to read a book, enjoy views of the sunset and also enjoy meals such as their home-cooked breakfast, Ultimate Guide for for Spice Island .

Staying at the beach

Zanzibar has a number of beautiful beaches including Nungwi, Kendwa among others. These beaches have some of the best accommodation options in the world. Some of the best accommodations on Zanzibar Island include

  • Mnemba Lodge
  • Baraza Resort & Spa
  • Boutique Hotel Matlai
  • Kilindi Beach Resort among others

Things to do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a unique and memorable holiday destination perfect for travelers on a honeymoon and a relaxing holiday, the island offers a number of activities which you can participate in to add on to your adventure. These include

Ultimate Guide for for Spice Island
Kendwa Rocks
  1. Water sports – diving, snorkeling and boating, these activities are offered at Mnemba Atoll which has some of the clearest waters for water sports
  2. Walking to the fishing village in Chwaka Bay – this activity is perfect for tourists staying in the area and during your visit, you get to interact with the locals.
  3. Taste street food at Forodhani Market – Zanzibar has some of the best and mouth watering dishes you can try out, these include Zanzibari Pizza, Samosa and freshly squeezed fruit juices . in case you have a strong tummy. You shouldn’t try these dishes.
  4. Acquaint yourself with the local spices and local fare at Darajani Market in Stone Town.
  5. Have a meal at the scenic restaurant “The Rock” – this restaurant is situated in a gorgeous location and serves mouth watering dishes worth trying out. To have a meal at this restaurant, prior booking is required.
  6. Take a walk around the Stone Town – exploring this historical town takes you on a visit to the Old Fort, shop for souvenirs and take a walk along the port at the sunset.
  7. Party the night away at the full moon party at Kendwa Rocks
  8. Visit the Prison Island at Canguu and spend time with the giant turtles
  9. Participate in a cooking class, do a village walk or visit a school
  10. Have a sunset dhow cruise- on this cruise you will admire the sunset and learn about their history. These dhows where used by merchants coming to Zanzibar since the Spice Route days.
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