Bungee Jumping  : Uganda is more than just one stopover activity or to say it is beyond just a one-time visit activity Uganda is a place where one can visit with stress and leave with peace and a much cleared mind set. Most visitors’ stopover at Uganda and they always end up not wanting to end the trip but when they have too, because Uganda is a place where one can never get tired of wanting to stay and this is due to the very lovely electrifying activities Uganda has to offer.

Adventurous itinerants have to to visit Uganda because not only does the country have amply of magnetisms but it also gives room to a selection of activities that can be done during your vacation. activities such as game drives, gorilla trekking, cultural visits and so much more but there is this extraordinary activity called bungee jumping you should never miss out during your time of travel here because this is the only country in the whole of East Africa from where you can have this incredible experience.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping in Jinja

Bungee jumping gives you a threat to fight with self-mental and this is so scary but once the jump is done the brain will leave you and the whole nerves system saying a blessed to have tried this out.

Bungee jumping starts with registration of participants and signing the disclaimer form. While registering, participants can choose to go for the long or short jump. The long jump goes all the way down enabling one to touch the river Nile itself while the short jump stops midway. Bungee jumping is mostly done on the Nile River in Jinja After registration participants are called out one at time for briefing while the others wait for their turn or cheer on from a balcony. Before jumping, the individual is dressed up in the right jumping gear. Both legs are tied with a single rope to allow the participant fall freely letting the bungee hold him/her smoothly. First-time jumpers are strongly warned against looking down at the cliff before jumping. Those afraid of heights may find the experience overwhelming but the knowledge that thousands of people have made a similar dive safely in the past should be enough consolation. Once you are about to take the plunge, the feeling is difficult to describe. Your heart beats and your mind tells you not to take the leap but eventually you do and its over in minutes, once it ends you start wanting to have a second round.

Bungee jumping considerations

You must be at least 13 years old to take part in Bungee jumping.

The minimum weight for participating is 35 kilograms. The tower supports weights of up to 260 kilograms.

You cannot take part in the activity while pregnant.

One must be free of any heart diseases, high blood pressure or any serious medical condition in order to participate.

To have the best possible Bungee jumping experience, you need good hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, insect repellents and Sunscreen to protect against the sun.

All valuables including jewelry need to be left behind to avoid any loss while jumping.

The code used to tie the ankles can lead to bruising or swelling. Have some oil to apply on the ankle area should the need arise.

Avoid jumping when it is raining so as to avoid feeling less confident.

Do not look down before jumping if it is your first time. If you do so, you may lose your confidence and open room for fear.

It is important to ensure that you take some photos so that you don’t forget such beautiful memories.

Before jumping, it is important to check with the team that the equipment is functioning and fitting you well. Check that the equipment is worn out in any way and if so, have it replaced.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping

How high is the Bungee Jump?

The bungee is on a 44 m cliff.

Bungee jumping is very special as you drive down a tower with the most spectacular views imaginable. The long jump goes all the way down enabling one to touch the Nile River while the short jump stops midway.

One has the freedom to back out at any moment incase of any fears.

Famous places for bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is so famous and this activity is most famously done on river Nile in jinja. Jinja is located in Uganda with. The calculated flying distance from Kampala to Jinja is equal to 44 miles which is equal to 70 km.

If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Kampala and Jinja is 78.99 km. and in case one wants to go have the best bungee experience in Uganda jinja is the most recommended place for this and one can go through a safari travel company.

Accommodation in jinja

In case you intend to make a sleep over in Jinja, plenty of accommodation facilities are available. Choose from a wide range of luxurious, mid-range or budget hotels found there including Jinja Nile Resort hotel, Nile hotel and spa, Jinja safari camp, Explorers river camp and more which are all found in this calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Bungee jumping rate

Bungee jumping activities are sold out in different ranges according to the type of jump one may want to do. But the activity is about $ 119 that is the estimated price but if one is interested they can contact the company for clear price ranges. Bungee is an activity that cans no one should miss trying out because the activity is extremely a relaxing activity that gives one a total thrill of adventure.

Other activities

There are lots of activities that can be done after the bungee jump and these activities include exceptional adventure as well and numerous fun to carry a long with, and these activities can be arranged as a accompaniments to bungee jump and just top up on the fun as well these include:

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Bungee Jumping
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