Wild Waters is situated in Nyali, Mombasa on the Links Road. It is right next to the Mamba Village, across from the Nyali Golf Club. Look out for the ‘’big croc’’ on the left hand side of road and drive further ahead to spot the Wild Waters car park. During your Kenya safari to the wild waters Kenya, you experience the beautiful coastal sunshine at the Wild Waters, the only family entertainment Centre of its kind in Kenya, the park features a full day of fun for the entire family whether you take a thrilling down the waterslide, or just relax and float around the lazy river in other words there is something for everyone.

With 52-acres of rides and attractions, fishing, reserves picnic sites and barbecues, wild waters offers the plenty of fun activities for you like the birthday party, corporate event, family reunion, youth group or school outing.

Wild Waters Mombasa
Wild Waters Mombasa

Wild waters is recommended for families, groups, couples and many other groups. There are 15 water slides with all kinds of shapes for kids and adults, the park has a Radiance Arena for the air rides, a water play station, bumper cars and the adult pools are separate from the children’s pool. The park provides conferencing facilities, events and banquet celebrations and other extra package to choose from the affordable prices. There are a variety of food servings including the snacks, drinks, fruits and full course meals, the hospitality department provides world class recipes with food supply from the Kenyan market at reasonable prices.

 Set within Kenya’s tropical sunshine, wild waters is a family entertainment Park  that boats a range of fun and exhilarating activities for all ages, with 15 adult and kids waterslides, a unique Rain dance Disco Arena, a Gaming Arcade, Bumper Cars, and a number of theme rides, Wild waters is a complete Kenya safari entertainment facility equipped at maximizing your amusement. Here at wild waters they leave no stone untouched, with a Food court, a bar, and a coffee shop that caters for all your needs on your safari.

Attractions at Wild Waters Mombasa.

The tourists during their safari at the Wild Waters Mombasa they are given various attractions to be participated that is both the children and adults as below,

Let’s Slide Into it.

Wild waters Mombasa’s highlight feature is its slides. The slides come in various styles all guaranteed to have your heart racing as you speed down faster than the legal speed limit in Kenya, a bit an exaggeration there all end up in a big splash down at the pool.


Spirals are slides made like tubes that spiral all the way down to the pool below. Once you enter the tube at the top, you are engulfed in total darkness as you speedily spiral down that slide which opens up into the pool below. As you guessed it, this only ends one way, a big splash into the pool. Basically slide, splash, repeat.

Wild Waters Mombasa
Wild Waters Mombasa

Multine and Harakiri.

For those of you who may know a thing or two about Japanese Samurai culture, Harakiri was the act by a Samurai of committing suicide by disembowelment rather than surrender or be caught by the enemy. It was considered a dignified way to die rather than suffer the humiliation of being caught by the enemy. Now why the good people at Wild waters Mombasa decided to name one of their slides that their slides that is anyone’s guess. However, Multine and Harakiri are four slides joined next to each other and are quite popular with families or groups. Usually the point individuals to take their marks at the top of the slide, sliding mats in hand, and race down the wet slides and skim across the water surface on the pool below, just it’s a lot of fun.

Flume Bowl.

The flume bowl is a slide that ends in a bowl-like structure than one spins around in until being dropped in the middle down to the swimming pool. You would have to experience it to really get its thrill. Worth nothing is that this slide is strictly for adults only who are good swimmers as the pool below is five feet deep.

The water play station.

This is an area of the Wild waters Mombasa particularly popular for the kids. Water play station has jets of water spraying from all directions. Children can climb the structures in the spraying water and splash around in the shallow pool. One amazing feature of the water play station and splash around in the shallow pool. One amazing feature of the Water Play Station is an enormous bucket that fills up with water and automatically tilts over to pour the water on all and sundry in the Water Play Station.

Lazy River.

The Lazy River is quite literally for lazying around. It is a 270 meter river-like channel of water that surrounds the entire water park. One can lay atop a tube and just drift away in the river taking in the sunshine and observing everything going on around you.

The Rain Dance Area.

Dancing in the rain is a long-standing theme in Romantic films and whatnot, if for some reason, this is an item on your bucket list, well best to do it at Wild waters Mombasa. The Rain Dance Area is an area set aside for dancing with music playing and artificial rain falling on the ‘’dance floor’’

Kids Pool.

There are 5 pools, smaller slides and a castle comprise the kid’s pool area. Kids can have their own fun in a safe area with reasonable depths of water.

Wild Waters Offers.

The Wild waters offer packages of occasionally to individuals looking for a strategic place to hold events. Any customer is eligible for offers and subsidies at the time of booking. Some of the events packages that can have offers include.

Team building.

Birthday Parties.

Wedding receptions.

Conference meetings.

Things to do at Wild Waters.

Having fun while celebrating with family members and friends.

Enjoying cocktails of your own choice.


Conferencing and holding seminars.

Team building.

Viewing the scenic nature.

Wild Waters Mombasa
Wild Waters Mombasa

Pricing and Offers of the Wild Waters Kenya.

Wild waters are based on whether customers choose to use the water facilities to swim and slide. The fees are therefore based on the sliders and the non-sliders as follows.

Category Price
Resident Swimmer and slider (over 2 years) Ksh 1600
Non-Resident Swimmer and slider (over 2 years) Ksh  1800
Non Slider/Non swimmer Ksh  300

The Wild waters is always open from Tuesday to Sunday, and from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Where to stay at Wild waters.

There are various accommodation facilities near Wild waters Mombasa for the guests who wants to stay, as these are suitable and comfortable for the guests, they are arranged into the Budget, Mid-range and the luxury such as English point Hotel, Leinmach Guest House Hotel, Nyali International Beach Hotel, King Plaza Hotel, Hotel Granvia Kiota, Hotel Eucalyptus and many others.

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