Where are ostriches from in Uganda? : Ostriches are endemic birds to Africa however; they are not listed on Uganda’s bird-list.  They mainly found in savannah areas. In Uganda, they are only be found in Kidepo valley national park, which is the third largest savannah national park in Uganda located in the far North-eastern part of Uganda in the Karamoja region. There are two types of the common ostrich namely; the nominate and massaicus ostriches which are more common than the former. Continue reading this article to find out where ostriches are from in Uganda

About Ostriches (Struthio camelus)

Ostriches are also called the Struthio camelus, they are the largest birds in the world weighing about 180 kg which is why they don’t fly.  They have long necks and legs thus the reason they are the fastest birds capable of running at a speed of 64 kilometers/hour when threatened.

The female ones have a brownish- gray color and the males are usually black with their wings white as well as tail feathers. They are strong that it can kill or harm a human and its predator like a lion by just kicking. They are omnivores therefore feed on things like the locusts, seeds, flowers, shrubs, fruits as well as fruits and to help grind their food, they swallow sand or pebbles.

One fact about ostriches is that they enjoy dust bathing that is why they often bury their heads into sand leaving the other body parts outside but it is also to protect their heads from the sun.

Where are ostriches from in Uganda
Kidepo Valley National Park ostriches

The reproduction process of the Ostriches

During that time of mating, Ostriches stay out sight and they have a difficult breeding system in a sense that the major as well as the minor Ostriches can easily lay their eggs in a single nest. Usually in one nest there is a major and about 5 to 6 minor birds which can lay about 25 eggs. They incubate in turns, the major hen goes in during daytime and the Cock incubates in the night.

After about 6 weeks, the chicks hatch and in 4 days, they are ready to leave the nest to join the other chicks to form what is called the crèches composed of over 100 little birds.

They make different sounds like roars and booms as well as hissing. The male ones do the booming call a lot and sometimes it sounds like it’s a lion roaring from over 1 km away.

When you are visiting Kidepo valley national park and hear the roaring, it may be the ostrich and not a lion.

Common Features of the Common Ostrich

  • Both sexes are usually about 2.5 meters tall.
  • Adult males have brown eyes, white wings, a tail that is most of the times dirty with soil and black body feathers.
  • They have pink necks as well as their legs and the legs get brighter during the breeding period.
  • If it’s a nominate grown up female, it will mainly be brown but the massaicus one will be grayish-brown in color. However, both types have dull pinkish-brown sometimes brown legs.
  • Their little ones have both the heads and necks black, the backs are spotted but naked buff.
  • At 3 or 4 years, an ostrich is fully grown.

Where and how they live

The massaicus ostriches either live as singles if not they form very small groups and care for each other as a family.

If they are in a drier environment or in wooded grassland kind of vegetation, they may be seen in huge flocks.

Therefore, enthusiastic bird watchers interested in seeing these ostriches should include Kidepo valley national park to their itinerary since it is has a very huge number of bird species. The locals that can access the northern Uganda region or Kidepo Park in particular can get the opportunity to watch these charming birds. During your safari, watch out not to get close to where its eggs are because they will see you a threat and will definitely chase you at a very terrifying speed and it hurts you.

In summary, this article entails all you need to know about where ostriches are from in Uganda.

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