What to Wear on a Safari in Masai Mara? Embarking on a safari in Maasai Mara national park is rewarding whereby tourists get to experience thrilling wildlife encounters amidst stunning landscapes. However, tourists are planning to travel to immerse through the natural wonders of Maasai Mara National Park are encouraged to pack the right attire considering the weather conditions and other factors in order to ensure they comfortable.  Therefore, in the context bellow, we will explore more about the kind of essential clothing’s and accessories one should pack while going for a safari in this iconic destination.

  1. Lightweight and Breathable Clothing.

The fact that Maasai Mara national park is well known to have a warm climate, choosing to pack lightweight and breathable clothes  such as; loose fittings shirts and shirts, lightweight trousers among others which enable one to be comfortable as they explore through the park especially for those who opt to embark onto game drives and many other outdoor activities. More so, tourists should opt for cotton or clothes with linen fabrics, which allow airflow and help to regulate body temperatures hence keeping their bodies cool while protecting them from the African sun. These clothes provide flexibility for movement while tourists move from different parts of the park during the wildlife sightings, guided nature walks and photography sessions.

  1. Neutral colors for wildlife viewing.

Tourists are advised to opt for packing clothes of neutral colors while choosing clothing colors that are best for a Kenya safari experience and some of these include; Khaki, beige, tan and olive green. More so, these colors are recommended because they blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings and the environment in Maasai Mara national park hence making it easy during the wildlife viewing experiences. Individuals are encouraged to avoid wearing bright or flashy colors due to the fact they may startle or disturb animals, therefore choosing the dull colors may help you to observe all the wildlife species discreetly without causing any threats and disruptions.

  1. Layering for Temperature Variations.

The climate in Maasai Mara national park is known to vary throughout the day for example; it can tend to be cooler during morning hours and evenings and then get warmer during midday game drives. And in order to adapt easily to these temperature changes, layering is key whereby one can start their day with lightweight clothes such as; long-sleeved shirts or tops which help to protect your skin from the sun and from potential insect bites. Besides those, you can come along with a lightweight or fleece jacket that may be of use for warmth during cooler periods and can be easily removed when the weather heats up during day. More so, packing a lightweight waterproof jacket is also advisable in case of unexpected rain showers most especially during the rainy seasons.

What to Wear on a Safari in Masai Mara?
What to Wear on a Safari in Masai Mara?
  1. Comfortable Footwear.

Comfortable footwear is essential for those individuals who plan to navigate through the rugged terrains of Maasai Mara national park on foot. Therefore, tourists are encouraged to pack good hiking boots or trail shoes with good traction, which provide stability and protection to those individuals who embark onto activities like; game drives, hiking and guided nature walks. So avoiding open-toe shoes or sandals is important due to the fact they offer less protection against thorns you might meet along the way, insects and while going through uneven terrain. More so, tourists are advised to break in your foot into shoes before the safari in order to ensure you are comfortable and this helps to minimize the risk of blisters or discomfort during the long bush walks or drives.

  1. Wide-Brimmed Hat and sunglasses.

Tourists are encouraged to pack a wide brimmed hat with a chinstrap to protect your face, neck and ears from direct sunlight hence reducing risks of skin sunburns and heat exhaustions.  In addition, polarized sunglasses, which help to safeguard your eyes from direct sunlight and them also, help to provide a maximum coverage and minimize dust from entering your eyes.

Apart from the above mentioned, while planning to go on a safari in Maasai Mara, tourists are advised to pack things like; scarf or a buff for dust protection, insect repellent and sunscreen and many others.

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