What is a hot air balloon experience?: The hot air balloon experience is a top up safari activity that is usually added to the tourist’s activity itinerary to spice it up or to complement the traditional activities, that will be done on a safari. The activity is usually done in the savannah parks that have flat land where balloons can land and ascend from.

In East Africa, it’s done more in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park, and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park among other places.

It’s a popular activity among tourists especially those who have their safaris during the peak seasons, because that’s when the hot air balloon is most used. In the dry seasons.

So, what is the hot air balloon experience?

The hot air balloon experience is a modern, exciting unique adventurous, adrenaline hiking activity that gives you a chance to go up in the air soaring above the ground as you enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding area.

The in-air ride is supported by a big balloon that is blown by the wind and fueled by the hot air that is ignited in furnace like objects underneath the balloon. Below the balloon is the carrier where you stay or sit as ride in the air, enjoying the fresh breeze, the mid-atmosphere air and the surrounding views.

What is a hot air balloon experience?
Hot air balloons in Amboseli

The slow relaxing and chilling ride will take you around for about an hour in the air before you come back to land ground to continue your other safari activities. Usually, the balloon covers a 5 to 10 miles distance.

Some of the things you expect to get out of the hot air balloon experience include:

Of course, the experience of going up in the air and just viewing the earth from mid-air is unique and special in itself. So, expect that special feeling from the experience.

Hot air balloon rides also offer you a chance to enjoy scenic views of the wild and the earth from above. Views are usually described as a bird’s-eye view of the earth including the unique landscape, a variety of animals and birds, plus the beauty of vegetation.

Mid-air is usually a peaceful and serene environment. As you ride on the hot air balloon you will enjoy a gentle peaceful relaxing calm motion as you are hit with a cool breeze catalyzed by the burning burner to soothe the atmosphere.

Community and friends experience; most hot air balloon rides take up 5 or at least 8 people depending on the capacity. So you get the chance to socialize with other people, interact and make friends and maybe life lifetime partnership you never know what you can get from your safari ride.

The experience as stated is done as a top up for the traditional safari activities and can be done any time of the day.

Afternoons are great for the rides however any time of the day is perfect, of course, night is ruled out.

You need to book this experience way in advance though to avoid any disappointments

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