What Can You See In In Jozani Forest? Jozani forest is also commonly referred to, as the Jozani chwaka Bay conservation; area is located in the Southeast of Zanzibar in Tanzania. In addition, this is the only national park found in Zanzibar covering a total surface area of about 50 square kilometers as the Tanzania National park Authority is managing it, which is an organization that is responsible for protecting all the national parks in the country. the Jozani Chwaka bay national park is a cool destination to travel to while on a safari in the country more especially for nature lovers because it is flat moderate area that is surrounded by stunning physical features such as; beaches, mangrove forests, coral rug forests, evergreen bushland, tropical forests, salt marshes which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species and birds.

In addition, for tourists planning to travel to this park should note that they will be encouraged to pay entrance fees of about 12000 TSH or 7.3 USD and this game park is always open from 7:30 am to 5:00pm. More so, tourists are encouraged to pack the following things that they will need to use on their safari such as; good hiking boots, hat or cap, sunscreen which helps to protect the skins from the sun, insect repellent and many others.

Activities done in Jozani Forest.

Guided nature walks.

Tourists more especially those who are nature lovers can choose to go for guided walks which always involves them to walk through different trails around the park as they are being accompanied by the park guides and rangers due to the fact they are familiar with many parts of the park therefore their role is to lead individuals through and ensure their safety. In addition, these guided nature walks always go for about 1 to 2 hours and this activity blesses tourists to get close to the beautiful nature within the surrounding and get to sight see at different wildlife species and birds along their way.

Wildlife viewing.

Jozani forest has a remarkable animal biodiversity whereby it is a home to so many wildlife species that can be spotted within different areas of the park such as; red colobus monkeys, African civet, African goshawk, Adder’s duikers, Sykes monkeys, duikers, bush babies, blue vervet monkeys, antelopes among others. More so, Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park is a perfect breeding place for sea turtles and other species like; giant tortoises and leopards tortoises and many others.

Bird watching.

Bird watching is one of the exciting activities carried out Jozani chwaka bay national park because it hosts over 40 bird species. therefore, tourists touring around this park can be able to sight see birds like; little egret, cattle egret, Fischer’s turaco, great egret, purple heron, common bulbul, barn owl, common waxbill, pin tailed whydah, great crested tern, speckled mouse bird, sun bird, African sacred ibis, house crow, African goshawk, white faced whistling duck, lilac breasted roller, black heron, hornbill, king fisher, crowned hornbill, brown headed parrots, mangrove king fishers,  East coast akalat, African palm swift, kingfisher and many others.


Snorkeling is an amazing activity done within this national park and it is best done between months of July to September and from January to February. More so, it is carried out from areas like; the Mnemba atoll which has spectacular seabeds and from Kizimkazi.

What Can You See In In Jozani Forest?
Scuba Diving

And apart from the above mentioned activities, there are more other interesting things that tourists can do while they explore more around Jozani forest and some of these include; swimming which is done from the beaches that are found on the island, scuba diving,  visit around the villages within the community and get to interact with the local people, boat cruises, visit the paje beach which is found within the Southern part of the island and it is known as the best place where to go for kite surfing and fishing among others.

And tourists are encouraged that it is best to visit within Jozani Chwaka bay national park during the dry season which is between months of June to September which is considered as the best time due to the fact there are less rainfalls that are received during this season compared to the rainy season and the grass vegetation is always short which gives you chances to capture classic views of the park.

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