What Animals Are In Mahale National Park? Mahale National park is located in the western region of Tanzania and from the south of the Kigoma town. This national park shares boarders with Gombe and Lake Tanganyika, which is known to be the world’s longest and deepest lake and a good spot for fishing because it has an estimated number of around 1000 fish species. More so, Mahale national park is famously known and commonly visited because of hosting large numbers of chimpanzee species and many other wildlife species. In addition, for tourists planning to travel to this national park can opt to use air, road, and boat means.

Best time to visit Mahale national park.

Mahale national park can be visited at any time of the year however, the dry season which is between months of May to October is considered to be time for one to visit within the game park because it is when tourists can be able to spot chimpanzees in large numbers and other animals while they move around the park searching for food. More so, during this season, the sunshine illuminated the fish species in the lake and tourists get chill and relax around the beaches while they capture classic views of the sunsets and birds. However, tourists can visit the park during the rainy season more especially it is perfect time to go for bird watching safaris because it is when the breeding and birds tend to migrate from one place to another.

Wildlife in Mahale National park.

Mahale National park is a perfect destination to travel while on an adventurous safari in Tanzania because it is known to harbours around 1000 chimpanzees  and other animals such as; elephants, roan antelopes, buffalos, bush bucks, waterbucks, yellow baboons, lions, wild dogs and more primate species such as; red colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys and many others.


Mahale national park is also a home to many bird species that tourists can sight see as they tour around the park and some of these include; Livingston’s turaco, African fish eagle, crested guinea fowl, Malachite kingfisher, bamboo warbler, crowned eagle, giant king fisher, trumpeter hornbill, blue cheeked bee-eater,  palm nut vulture, giant king fisher, crested malimbe and many others.

What Animals Are In Mahale National Park?
bamboo warbler

Chains of Mountains.

In Mahale national park, there are mountains in the western and within the eastern region of Lake Tanganyika for example; Mount Nkungwe, which stands at an elevated area, which rises, to 2,462 meters and 8,077 feet to the top. In addition, these mountains act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species.

Lake Tanganyika.

Lake Tanganyika is famously known as the second largest and deepest fresh water body in the whole world. In addition, this lake spans around four countries such as; the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia.

And apart from the above  mentioned attractions, there are more that tourists can see and some of these include; stunning beaches, forest fauna and fauna such as; the alpine bamboo forests and the montane forests which act as good natural habitats to many animals like; blue monkeys, red tailed monkeys,  the Angola colobus and many forest birds. More so, touring around Mahale national park gives you chances to get to interact with the local fishermen who have more knowledge about the fisheries resources and the climate related changes on a daily basis and individuals get to capture the beautiful sunset of Lake Horizon among others.

How to get to Mahale National park.

For tourists planning on travelling to Mahale National park can choose to use either; air, road, rail transport means;

  • Air transport; for those people who want to access the park by skipping the long trips due to their tight schedules can opt to book their scheduled daily flights from Dar es salaam airstrip which will will lead you to kigoma and this flight always goes for about 3 hours.
  • Rail transport. For individuals who prefer to use the trains to be able to access the park should note that the train from Dar es salaam always leaves 2-3 times a week and they should also know that the journey always goes for about three days and two nights.
  • Road transport. And tourists who opt to use the road transport always get chances to explore through the beautiful and it is best when they use the 4 wheel vehicles which have open roofs hence giving people chances to capture classic views of physical features and animals around the park and this drive always goes for about 2 to 3 days from Arusha to Kigoma.

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