Beauty of the Western Rift Valley : Once you step into the pearl of Africa the only thing that overshadows your mind is the beauty that is beheld by this blessed country. Thousands of flora and fauna are the major things that carry different kinds of people to come into the pearl of Africa to be able to see and understand the sacred parts of Uganda.

Uganda provides thrilling adventures to all its visitors in all differing circumstances which are all electrifying for the best kind of ventures in the country.

The beauty of Uganda is far more than just infrastructure despite the fact that even the mode of construction in Uganda can also be an attraction to so many.

Uganda is filled up with lots of fascinating attractions that can’t be explored in just a day and that’s it but it goes far beyond once one decides to have a Uganda safari.

Differing destinations provide different kinds of amusements and that is the same reason as to why different bloggers give unlike articles but all in praise of the beauty of Uganda.

Once one Uganda safaris bring to you one of the greatest and oldest valleys in Uganda, providing different kinds of safari activities and carrying extreme beauty.

On a beautiful soft sunny day, with a great lovely smooth wind get to have a walk through the fields and way beyond into the great western rift Valley and have the chance to discover deeper and darker secrets of the valley.

The feelings, minds, spirit, and heart of an adventurous soul should truly be yours as you embark on this adventure for truly there is a lot to discover as you move through the fields of the great western rift valley.

Memorable experiences are all that you are yet to hold once Uganda Safaris gives you a drive through the great western rift valley as you get to experience the different flora and fauna within the valley.

The Western rift valley is along the six East African countries which are: Uganda Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, and Tanzania, highly recognized for its lovely and scary gorgeous appearances plus it having a quantity of attractive decors on it.

The air is different and somewhat cool, the sky is blue and clear, and the stillness of that environs being music to ears all these truly make the Western rift valley a different scenery to venture on.

The Western rift valley comes as a result of two tectonic plates that once collided and are now slowly moving apart creating some of Africa’s tallest mountains and many of the world’s deepest lakes, and all these are truly a heart of a sightseer would want to adventure of.

The biodiversity area of the western rift valley is designed with beyond more than half of Africa’s birds, 50% of Africa’s mammals, and about 30% amphibians and florae with more vertebrate species than anywhere else in Uganda or any other East African country destination.

Beauty of the Western Rift Valley
Mount Rwenzori

The northern part of the western rift valley is divided by two epic-sized mountains: mountain Rwenzori and Virunga Mountain which are truly the sight for a venturous soul in the pearl of Africa.

Catchy points lay on the sides of Virunga Mountain such as the stunning Lake Kivu that is perceived to drain to the south into Lake Tanganyika through the Ruzizi River, far along, Lake Tanganyika sanitations into the Congo River through Lukuga River.

The western rift valley is one of the most compactly populous areas in Africa and consequently agonizes from a high degree of direct and indirect intimidations to the entire network, such as unmaintainable timber mining, general forest clearance, and adaptation to agricultural land, cropping, hunting, and firewood collection hence resulting into a huge threat to the beauty of the valley.

The western rift valley has about four major species that you will sight while at the edges of the fields of the thick forests these wildlife truly move freely into the forest and are most likely to be sight these include: Chimpanzees, African elephants, Eastern lowland gorilla, Mountain gorilla and not forgetting the variety of different birds.

When it comes to the best kind of safari activities the western rift valley is the place for you to get the most thrilling kinds of safari activities and these can include:

Safari activities at the western rift valley

Forest walks: getting to have a safari walk through the western rift valley will surely leave you blown out due to the lovely attractions that you will sight in the thick forests of the valley plus sighting the lovely wildlife as well.

Environmental study: well as it is that nature visits are educative and so memorable the geographical history of the western rift valley is exactly the kind of environmental study you first encounter before anything else on your venture to the great western rift valley.

Golden monkeys: these are highly sought after in very many different parts of Uganda but on your venture to the western rift valley you have the chance to have a view of these endangered species skipping from one branch to another within the forest.

Uganda Safari will surely provide you with more than the expected safari activities while on your adventure into the western rift valley plus help you with the accommodations arrangements and the transportation as well.

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