Waterfalls in Uganda : Uganda dubbed as The Pearl of Africa is a beautiful country blessed with a number of attractions including the stunning waterfalls which are found different areas of the country. The stunning waterfalls in Uganda create a stunning views making Uganda for a perfect for nature lovers and photographers, visit to most of the stunning waterfalls in Uganda are normally added to Uganda safari itineraries. And during Uganda adventure, you can make stopovers at these waterfalls so that you enjoy the magnificent views of them, some clear of the waters are got during a boat cruise for example the Murchison Falls. You will also do other activities such as swimming, rock climbing, hiking, zip lining, white water rafting or Kayaking at these water falls.

Most of the falls in Uganda are located in sites of the local legends which has made them cultural and historical sites, during your visit t you will listen to amazing legends behind their formation and gods that have stayed in the site. This is the best way to learn more about Uganda’s culture.

Waterfalls in Uganda

Murchison Falls

Murchison falls also known as the Kabalega falls in local language are the most powerful falls in the world, Murchison falls are formed as a result of the Victoria Nile bursting through a narrow 43 meters long gorge before it plunges into a tumultuous foamy pool at the bottom creating a truly magnificent sight.

Murchison Falls are situated in the North-west between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert in Murchison Falls national park – the largest national park in Uganda.

Murchison Falls national park are best viewed either on a boat cruise or on a guided hike, as you approach the falls while on the boat or at the top of the falls, you can feel the power of the waterfalls  as the river squeezes through the rocks.

Waterfalls in Uganda
Murchison Falls

Sipi Falls

The magnificent Sipi Falls are found in the Eastern of Uganda in Kapchorwa district at the foot hills of Mount Elgon and at the edge of Mount Elgon national park. Sipi falls are named after the Sep, a medical wild banana tree which is indigenous to northern Uganda, the falls are three beautiful cascading waterfalls situated at an altitude of 1,775 meters and range from 65 to 100 meters in height.

The falls can be visited on a hike which takes you through the local communities where you will have a glace on the farm land which is located over the rocky foothills. From this point you will get a chance to see the three falls.

If you wish to visit the 3 waterfalls, it is a round – trip taking approximately 3 hours and it can be a quite challenging experience. At the falls, you enjoy watching the area’s surrounding natural beauty and the opportunity to stand behind the falls which is worth a while.

Alternatively, the most popular trail is only 20 minutes to the base of the falls from the post office in Sipi town. When visiting Sipi falls, make sure you pack swimming costumes as the final waterfall plunge pool at the bottom of the 100m falls is fantastic for a cooling swim.

Aruu Falls

Aruu Falls are found in the Northern Part of Uganda in Gulu along Gulu – Kitgum highway, Aruu Falls are more – lesser visited and known waterfalls. However, they are a nice place to visit and are a must visit for tourists visiting Kidepo Valley national park and Murchison Falls national park.

Along your way to the Aruu Falls which are just 4 and ½ kilometers from the Pader Kitgum, you will have a stopover to have an en-route picnic lunch adventure experience.

At the falls, you will have fun swimming, rock climbing and nature walk around the community.

Note: Be aware of the sliding and slippery rocks, be careful and avoid accidents.

Itanda Falls

Itanda Falls are found in Jinja – East Africa’s adrenaline Capital, the falls are a great site with very many ripples which are compared to the Bujagali falls.

These falls are located on the falls which are normally known as the rippon falls that were once considered to be the source of the Nile which is the longest river in Africa.

During the visit to the Itanda falls, one can also do several activities such as white – water rafting, Kayaking, river surfing, fishing, bungee jumping among others.

After the construction of the hydroelectric dam on the Owen Falls Dam, Itanda falls replaced the Bujagali falls which were the main water rafting rapids.

Kisiizi Falls

Kisiizi Falls are located in Rukungiri between Queen Elizabeth national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park, the Kisiizi Falls are a magnificent stopover along the way for a picnic adventure experience.

Kisiizi falls get their waters from the Kyabamba river which plunges over 27 meters high on the cliff into the gorge, these water falls are so strong with a dramatic sound that can be heard by most clients who are on a far distance of over 100 meters from the falls.

While on the falls, you also do other activities such as zip lining, bird watching, nature walks and crossing the new suspension bridge.

Ssezibwa Falls

Sseziba Falls are situated jusy 32 kilometers east of Kampala on the way to Jinja, the striking falls are a fantastic spot to learn more about myths and legends of Uganda and Buganda culture.

Ssezibwa falls are surrounded by lush green forest and characterized by sharp jutting rocks, the 17 m high falls is located between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga in the Sezibwa River.

Waterfalls in Uganda
Sezibwa Falls

The local Baganda People believe that the falls were born of a human woman hundreds of years ago, who instead of having twins, gave birth to two rivers that is the Ssezibwa and the Bwanda rivers.

Ssezibwa falls are still thought to have super natural powers and many natives still visit the river in hopes of gaining blessings, wealth and love.

Other Falls in Uganda

In additional to the above mentioned water falls, Uganda jas got other falls those they are less famous, these include

  • The Mahoma Falls and Nyamiska Falls  which are reached on the hiking trails in the crater lakes region near Fort Portal
  • Wanela falls which are located just 6 kilometers from Mbale Town, this is a very small stream of water that pours water from a distance of over 2000 meters.
  • Nkusi falls
  • Mpanga Falls
  • Uhuru Falls

These falls can easily be included to your Uganda safari package.

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