Water sports in Kenya : Kenya is the most blissful country on the planet, the country is rich in  everything that the tourist do need on a safari, that is being gifted with the Indian Ocean which  aids everything and allows the watersports to be done at the Kenya’s coast Mombasa, that is Mombasa is an aquatic playground providing the amazing beaches, charming marine life, crystal clear water, without forgetting the most stunning safari activities that are done from there from scuba diving to jet skiing, to every tourist therefore  Kenya brings Mombasa which is the best safari destination for the best water sports in the entire world, do select Mombasa as your right safari destination you will never get disappointed with focuseastafricatours.com.

Water sports in Kenya.


Surfing is best done in Mombasa, even the destination proceeds and provides the best kite holiday for the surfing lovers, there are many sports that provides this activity and they come with the full kite center amenities and facilities, on a safari to Mombasa you can get a pretty adventurous in the night with the full moon kitting or you can do the sundowner kitting during the sweet sunset hours that gives the best moments ever on this world.

Water sports in Kenya
Water sports in Kenya


Mombasa is the most awesome place that one should never miss out on a Kenya safari, for the kiteboarding and kitesurfing are always welcome activities in Mombasa.  Mombasa is the right destination where you can experience and explore more about the activity as you can view the most astonishing mountains, wildlife, desserts, colorful tribal towns and more across the land.

Banana-Boat rides.

Banana-Boat rides are such as non-motorized water sport activity that is best for the solo travelers and also for the kids can also engage in this safari activity, this gives you the most magical safari experiences and fun and happiness as you get wet while skimming over the water.

Fly boarding.

Fly boarding is the amazing safari activity at the Kenya’s coast, as here you are propelled up to twenty feet in the air using a pair of water-powered jetpack boots, the thrill and of the activity leaves you feeling like the superhero and like a star of your favorite film.

Knee boarding.

Knee boarding is a special water sport safari activity where the paddler rides the board in a kneeling posture and perfumes on the waves, the highly professional and experienced crew are accessible to guide you through this for both the beginners and the experienced ones, this water activity is done on the Bamburi beach that is located only 20 minutes from Mombasa and minus that, that activity is the best water sports in Mombasa.


Kayaking is a water safari activity that occurs while travelling across the water in a little boat under your own steam using a paddle, this is the best safari way to get out and explore the sea, Mombasa being the main safari destination it has got the best coastal areas and is the best for finding untouched beaches that helps you get near to Marine wildlife which gives you the real explanation and meaning of nature.

Glass-bottom boat trips.

Mombasa is the top safari destination with everything, the glass-bottom boat trips has got the large windows that do offer a beautiful view of the deep green ocean, Mombasa Marine Park is the perfect place where the tourists enjoy the underwater world from the above, this has got the glass-bottom boat, that provides visitors with the opportunity of seeing the charming underwater world from the unique perspectives. Mombasa is such a unique destination where you can watch these amazing creatures and you can enjoy the beauty of these unique ecosystems without ever having to get in the water this is referred as the most rewarding and excellent way of learning about a variety of the nature species.


Snorkeling can be done in Mombasa where the tourists engage themselves in exploring the underwater marine life this safari activity involves the opportunity to take pictures and videos, this becomes incredible when done at Diani beach and as well you can marvel various sea creatures while snorkeling that includes from dolphins to octopuses that gives you the best safari experience.

Scuba diving.

Mombasa is the best option for diving where it has got over 1000 species of fish to explore and coral reefs that gives best moments to the tourists, Mombasa is the wonderful place for exploring the new species while scuba diving with a professional guide. Though scuba diving is often done by the snorkelers that use the masks and fins to swim under the water during this activity the tourists to view well the marine life below while staying close to them, as well there are professional divers who use the scuba gear in order that they can dive deeper to view the marine

Water sports in Kenya
Scuba Diving

Jet skiing.

Jet skiing is extra special in Mombasa, that provides excitement and thrilling challenges, though this is the best option but it needs when you are ready for it and if not, the activity is incredibly dangerous if you don’t know how to use it, but still for the safe of safety you can hire a professional instructor to take you in lessons as to fully enjoy you are safari.

Traditional sailing.

Traditional sailing is a known safari activity for a long period of time, Kenya has traditional sailing events which have been an integral part of the country’s culture for over many years, sailing is often a leisure safari activity in Kenya with traditional events like the annual independence Day and Christmas sailing regattas being especially popular the traditional sailing can be participated by everyone.

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