Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris Tours  : Of all the activities Uganda offers, this is the most enjoyable activity. Horseback riding draws you closer to wildlife. Here, the most outstanding part is that in this experiential activity you take control of riding. Uganda is home to Africa’s tallest mountain range, the source of the world’s longest river, the continent’s largest lake and unique wildlife. Immerse yourself in the traditional Ugandan culture as you ride through Uganda’s local villages, pristine farmlands and picturesque plantations. Discover Uganda with horse rides through misty jungles in search or rare primates and colorful birds

For the more adventurous explorers, you can combine a horse riding vacation here with trekking through the misty mountains in search of the iconic mountain gorillas and curious chimpanzees. We can also arrange an overland trip to visit some of the National Parks to see other incredible wildlife – the possibilities are endless.

Where to do horseback riding at In Uganda.

Surprisingly most of the good things are not spread out everywhere. The most profound experiential horseback riding activity cannot be found in every place. The two prominent spots for doing this activity are Lake Mburo national park and in Jinja city.

Lake Mburo National Park

The horseback riding at Lake Mburo national park avails you with a momentous exhilarating experience. The activity draws you clearly, silently and openly to the most cherished wildlife species like the giraffes, the zebras, the impalas, the Uganda kobs and other kob family members and many other species. The horseback riding experience compares to none as far as the game drive is concerned. In close contact with the Jewel safaris reservations desk, this can be organized by Mihingo Lodge together with any tour operator. This ride will give you a closer look at the animals in the park. You will have a ranger guide to explain and give all the information about the park and wildlife and will be carrying a rifle and ready to protect you in case of anything say an animal tries charging at you or any other kind of threat.

Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris Tours
Horseback Riding in Lake Mburo Park

Horseback safari rides require no experience and that means even the first-time riders will definitely enjoy the experience. You will Ride through the gently rolling hills, enjoy the view of the whole park and it is the option you have to sample the game life in the park.

Horse riding at bush baby stables

Bush baby Lodge is a home to some of the most beautiful horses in Uganda. Very friendly and easy to ride, horses are well-trained and no riding experience is required. All riders and non-riders beginning at the age of 2 years and above are welcome.

Horse riding in Jinja city Uganda.

While in Jinja, go beyond where the car cannot reach, reach to the extreme of the Nile river shores while on the horseback ride safari.

Support the environmental conservation measures of avoiding the exhaustion of fumes into the sky by using the horseback ride safari to get encountered with the natural beauty of Jinja city.

While on Horseback riding safari in Jinja, you can choose to ride as an individual or join a group to increase on the fun. Feel proud to contact us at Jewel safaris and make a booking for your horseback riding safaris in Jinja.

Major items that you need to consider in your packing list on a horse ride safari

Horseback riding has featured among the most exciting and lovely experiences, interested visitors need to consider which items to pack before setting off for your actual experience. In order for you to have a memorable horseback riding experience, it all depends on which you will be and under which climatic condition you will be riding and all these require adequate planning and appropriate packing.

Riding helmet

Whereas the packing list may differ from one country to another, it is advisable that you don’t miss to include a well fitted riding helmet or hat in your packing list and this should be in line with the up to date standards especially the British or European Union standards. For starters, you may find helmets at the destination but the challenge will come in when you don’t find any that fits you. Your helmet should be lightweight and offers you that total comfort as you ride.

Riding trousers

For a memorable horseback riding tour, you will need comfortable riding trousers or rather jodhpurs plus half leg chaps that will make you ride for longer hours. If you are planning to ride from one of the western countries, then you will need jeans or normal trousers. They should waterproof. However, the challenge with jeans is that they tend to cause some pain especially as they rub against the stirrup leather. You will need at least 2 pairs of trousers. Other clothing include cotton scarf, riding pants, padded bike shorts, long sleeved cotton shirts, vest,


If you are planning for a horseback riding tour in your destination of choice, riding footwear should be a must for you to have. This will help offer you safety as you ride and most importantly, you need boots/shoes that are perfect for you to walk in case it means for you to walk along your horse for some time and shouldn’t be only for riding. They should offer support to your ankle as you ride or walk, Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris Tours

Wash bag items

In your wash bag, you will need to include sunscreen, lip balm and this should have sun protection element, skin colored zinc sunscreen and wet wipes, dry shampoo, chafing cream and many others.


You also need riding gloves, personal toiletries, waist handy bag is also important for you to pack your camera and some small items while riding. You will as well need a spare battery for camera, insect repellents especially DEET can be more preferable, head torch, bottle of water, travel thermos, sunglasses, binoculars, portable battery pack, travel adapter, seat saver and others.

Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris Tours
Uganda Horseback Riding Safaris Tours

Medical or first aid kit

First aid kit should be a must for you to carry where you will have some basic remedies especially antihistamines, cold remedies, painkillers, antacids and others. You may also come with anti-diarrhea, water purification tablets.


If you are planning to camp afterwards, then don’t forget your sleeping bag. Depending on the destination that you will be, bags are at times provided what matters long as they are clean. Your sleeping bag should be lightweight and should be easier for you to pack as well as some travel towels.

Accommodation on your Uganda horse safari

Trail riding through the Ugandan countryside allows you to explore the diverse range of unique and memorable lodges. From eco-friendly hotels with breath-taking panoramic views of the River Nile to secluded cabins set deep within the magical Mabira rain-forest. The highlight for many is spending a few nights on a remote island in the middle of the Nile – only reached by boat and with rapids all around, this surreal lodge is straight out of a fantasy novel.

Many of the lodges in Uganda offer a large range of adventure activities to compliment your horseback riding holiday; from serene nature walks and picnics for the romantics, to wild water rafting, bungee jumping and jet boating for the adventure junkies. With relatively low tourist numbers, this is a haven for those looking for a unique African adventure.

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