Lake Mburo National Park 

Lake Mburo national park is situated in the western part of Uganda along Masaka – Kampala road about 4-5 hours road drive. Lake Mburo obtained its name from the lakes that exist within the park and is the smallest but most beautiful savanna national park in Uganda standing at an elevation ranging between 1,220m high to 1,828m high above the sea level. The park covers an area of 370km2 of which part of the land is covered with wetland such as lakes and swamps while the remaining area thrills with both savanna grassland and woodland with beautiful flora. Lake Mburo has 13 lakes situated inside the park and in the border, papyrus swamps, ancient rocks that are over 500millions years old, over 60 species of mammals including over 300 hippos and over 350 bird species all surviving in this beautiful park. 

Wildlife: The wildlife in Lake Mburo national park includes several species of mammals such as the Uganda kob, zebras, buffaloes, warthogs, Hippos, Leopards and many more. There are also over 350 species of birds such as Ground hornbills, African owl, Warblers, brown chested lapwing, tinker birds , kingfishers etc.

Tourist activities in Lake Mburo national park

Game drives in Lake Mburo: Like any other savanna national park in Uganda, game drives are always the most done activity while on a Uganda safari to savanna national parks. the park is the best destination for game viewing safaris in uganda offering both morning game drive, afternoon game drive and night game drive safari where several mammals Zebras, Hippos, Buffaloes, waterbucks and many more that are seen grazing during the morning and afternoon game drive  while the night game drive enables travelers to view the nocturnal mammals and hunters such as Leopards, Pottos, bush babies and other mammals that prefer moving in the night and spend their day hours in hideouts. 

Birding in Lake Mburo national park: There are several birding grounds in Lake Mburo including near the Rwonyo camp, near the lakes, in Rubanga forest with in the canopy, in the swamp areas of the park, and in any other parts of the park where plenty of birds are spotted such as Yellow breasted Apalis, Parrot, Lovebirds, Fin foot, Green Wood hoopoe, Grey Crowned Crane, Herons, Brown chested Lapwing, Woodpeckers, Doves, White and Red headed Barbet among others. This makes Lake Mburo one of the best birders paradise in Uganda the pearl of Africa and thus birding is amongst the top things to do in the park.

Boat cruise in Lake Mburo national park: one of the thrilling activity to do in Lake Mburo is boat cruise safari with in one of the lakes inside the park that takes tourist on a breath taking cruise on top of the water while sighting the aquatic wildlife such as hippos that are the most attraction at the lake. These hippos are frequently seen bathing as they cool their bodies especially during the afternoons when the sun is very hot. There are also other mammals seen along the shores of the lake as they quench their thirst. A lot of birds including the water birds and other species are seen in the vegetation cover along the shores of the lake.

Walking safaris in Lake Mburo: The park has well designated walking trails leading to different destinations including the trail to Rwonyo where animals congest to like the salt like rocks. Other walking trails lead to the shores of the lakes where animals congest in search of water, to Rubanga forest the best destination for birders among others. Generally the entire park is suitable for walking safaris but the tourists need to be guided by armed rangers for security and safety purposes while exploring the beauty that lies within Lake Mburo on foot. Amongst the attractions seen during the walking include mammals such as Buffaloes, Zebras, hippos, impalas, several species of birds and the entire savanna vegetation filled with grassland and woodland.

Sport fishing in Lake Mburo: This is one of the most fascinating activity where tourists take part in sport fishing along Lake Mburo to catch tilapia fish species that are mainly caught fish but there are other different species of fish available that can be caught during the sport fishing at Mazinga fishing spot in Lake Mburo since at least 6 species of fish have been recorded. Tourists interested in sport fishing need to carry all that they require for a successful sport fishing adventure and the fish caught is taken to the hotel, prepared and enjoyed.

Horseback riding in Lake Mburo national park: another way of exploring Lake Mburo park is by taking a horseback ride to watch the mammals while they graze in the park. Amongst mammals seen while on a horseback ride include; Buffaloes, Zebras, Topis, warthogs and many more. This horseback ride lasts about 4 hours and it’s more fascinating and refreshing activity done in Lake Mburo done in two sessions including the morning horseback ride that comes with bush breakfast and the evening horseback ride that offers a beautiful view of the sundowner. 

Bicycle ride/ Cycling: On the other hand, tourists can also opt for a guided bicycle ride via well-designated trails to explore not only the park but also the surrounding communities with in the nearby villages. Cycling is more like a horseback ride only that for the case of a horseback ride, tourists cannot explore the villages.

Lake Mburo National Park
Lake Mburo National Park

Getting there

The park is reached by taking a road drive either from Entebbe or from Kampala and it takes about 4-5 hours to access one of its two gates including Sanga gate and Nshara gate. Being on the road along Kampala- Masaka – Mbarara road, Lake Mburo national park can be accesses either by private means or even by a public bus which is cheaper.

Accommodations in Lake Mburo national park

Accommodations in Lake Mburo national park are still few but they cater for bot Budget travelers, midrange travelers and luxury Travers. Some of the accommodations include; Mihingo safari lodge, Rwonyo Rest Camp, Montana tented camp, Arcadia Cottages, Eagles next tents and cottages, Lake Mburo safari lodge and Rwaboko rock lodge.


Lake Mburo national park is the best destination for travelers on a budget safari, travelers with limited time on safari and adventures travelers. Book your short Uganda safari to Lake Mburo national park to enjoy the memorable experience in Uganda the pearl of Africa. Safaris to lake mburo national park start from 1 day, 2 days , 3 days etc depending on what travelers to do and see.

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