Tsavo national park safari: Tsavo national park safari is one of the most breath taking safari one could ever enjoy while on an African safari to Kenya for wildlife viewing adventure. This Tsavo national park safari enables tourists to encounter with the African big five Animals game which is every travelers dream to have a glance at these African big 5 games that were named after the challenges faced by hunters to put down these animals thus the term African big 5 game. Tsavo national park is one of the best place to visit for those which wish to enjoy a complete wildlife safari to watch all these big 5 Animals including Lions, Rhinos, Elephants, Buffaloes and leopards.

This Kenya safari takes you to the home of the man eating lions that obtained that slogan from the workers that were constructing the railway that traverse the park thus splitting it into two to Tsavo East national park and Tsavo west national park. The contractors faced a challenge of the lions that used to kill their employees that lead to the term Man eaters of Tsavo which is up to date still known and the park remains famous for the existence of the man eaters the “Lions” that make Tsavo national park a very famous safari destination to explore during wildlife safaris in Kenya. Being one of the largest and yet oldest park in Kenya established in 1948, taking on a safari Tsavo national park offers tourists a rewarding and breath taking experience with the incredible fauna and flora species of the park.

The vegetation cover of Tsavo national park thrills with Open savannah grassland and the rocky kopjes that all offer the best habitat for a variety of wildlife species.

It is recommended to take a minimum of 3 days to explore this magnificent park though taking more days like 4 or 5 days offers great experience to fully explore that beauty that thrill within Tsavo national park.

The topmost activity done during Kenya wildlife safari is the game viewing which is enjoyed during game drives. Game drives in Tsavo national park are done during morning and afternoon with an opportunity to spot both early risers in the morning and many other animals that are active during the day and evening hours. 4X4 safari vehicles with pop-up roof top are advisable during the game drive in Tsavo national park just like in any other Kenya parks. Game drives enable tourists to get closer to the nature and wildlife for easy viewing. However, tourists are encouraged to avoid making noise as this may affect the wildlife in their natural habitats and they either run away to hide or charge which is very dangerous. Amongst the wildlife to see during game drives in Tsavo national park include the African big 5 (Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Buffaloes, and Elephants), Giraffes, Cheetahs, zebras, Gazelles, Topis to mention but a few. Game drives in Tsavo national park is an all year round safari. However, the most favorable time to enjoy game viewing safari in Tsavo national park is always during the 2 dry seasons which include the months of December to February and June to October.

Tsavo national park safari
The Big 5

Apart from wildlife viewing safari, Tsavo national park is as well the best destination for birding safari due to a high concentration of bird species that make it one of the birding haven in Kenya with over 400 species of birds recorded in the park. Taking on a birding adventure in Tsavo national park is such an incredible and rewarding experience due to the nature of the park that make it easy to spot abundant of bird species. Surprisingly, unlike game viewing, birding is best enjoyed in Tsavo national park during the rainy season that includes from months of March, April, May and November. This is the breeding season and as well the best time to spot migratory bird species in Tsavo national park. Some of the bird species to lookout for during birding in Tsavo national park include Starling bird, Love birds, Crowned cranes, Hartlaub’s bustard, pelicans, secretary birds, Egrets, Ostriches, and many more.

It is very easy to connect a safari with any other parks especially with Amboseli national park which is the nearest park to Tsavo national park. Most of Tsavo safaris start from Mombasa which makes it shorter in terms of road drive as compared to starting from Nairobi though wherever you choose to start your safari, once at the park, the experience is remarkable.


We are always ready to take your on your dream Tsavo national park safari at any given period of time, all year round. Get in touch with our experience tour consultants today and enjoy the unbeatable rates to the wilderness of the man-eating lions in Tsavo national park.

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