Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National park is managed by Kenya wildlife services and is amongst the oldest Kenya’s National parks located in Taru desert close to Voi town and bordering with Mkomazi game reserve and Chyulu hills national park. The park was gazette in 1948 covering a land area of 13,747 km2  with in Tsavo national park that comprises of two beautiful national parks including both Tsavo east national park and Tsavo west national park that covers 9,o65km2 of land also gazette in 1948. Tsavo west national park is mainly mountainous though more wet with a lot of wildlife. While Tsavo east national park is mainly fat and has dry plains. The park also comprises of Galana River which is formed as a result of converging of two other rivers that is rivers that is river Tsavo and river Athi without forgetting River Voi that traverses the park as well. The park also comprises of savanna grassland and semi-arid grasslands that thrills with plenty of wildlife species that attract tourists all year round.

Wildlife in Tsavo east national park

Mammals: The vegetation cover of the park is a home to several species of mammals that are seen during the wildlife safaris in Kenya. Some of the mammals  of these mammals include;  the larger mammals such as big 5 game (Elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards, and Lions), and other small mammals seen in Tsavo east national park which include elands, African wild dogs, gazelles, hippos, crocodiles, mongoose, Oryx, Zebras, porcupines, bush babies, squirrels, warthogs, duikers, foxes , dik dik, Vervet monkeys, hartebeest, otters and many more.

Birds: The park is a home to over 500 species of birds such as Black kite, secretary birds, sacred ibis, grey crowned crane, king fishers, ostriches among others that makes it both the best destination for wildlife viewing and birding adventures in Kenya. 

Other attractions in Tsavo East national park

Apart from wildlife, the park also thrills with other tourist attractions such as yatta plateau, Mudanda rock, Lugard falls, and Arubu dam all situated with in the ecosystem of Tsavo East National park as elaborated below;

Yatta plateau: this beautiful plateau is one of the eye catching tourist attractions with in Tsavo east national park that was formed due to eruption of Mount Ol donyo that led to the flow of lava in park boundary close to River Athi thus leaving a shallow valleys and plains known as plateau.

Lugard falls: Lugard falls obtained the name from Captain Fredrick Lugard who passed through Tsavo east national park on his way to Uganda the pearl of Africa. A visit to Lugard waterfalls takes tourists to a scenic view of a pool situated just at the base of the rock that harbors Crocodiles. Other mammals are also seen at the pool such as Hippos, Buffaloes and many more. The falls formed as a result of rocks that blocked the flow of water from Galana River thus forming rapids that resulted into water falls. Lugard falls have the best white water rapids along Galana River.

Mudanda rock: This Mudanda rock is located close to Manyani entrance gate in Tsavo east and it also offers a clear view of wildlife especially elephants as  they flock the rock to drink water being one of the water catchment areas in the park that supplies the dams during dry months.

Arubu dam: Arubu dam is one of the best drinking area for several wildlife species especially mammals and birds during the dry season in Tsavo east and it is a manmade dam that was constructed near Voi entrance gate on Voi river  in the year 1952.

Tsavo River: this river crosses two national parks that is both Tsavo East and Tsavo west before merging with river Athi to form River Galana that proceeds through Tsavo east national park.

Galana River: River Galana flows across Tsavo East and it originates from the highlands of Kenya as a result of merging from River Athi and river Tsavo and finally pours it water into Indian Ocean.  This river is the source of water to different wildlife in Tsavo east where it traverses.

Kanderi swamp: this swamp is also source of water to several mammals with in Tsavo East throughout the year. Kanderi swamp is strategically situated near Voi gate.

Top tourist activities in Tsavo East 

Game drive safaris in Tsavo East: the park offers different game drives ranging from day game drives, afternoon game drives, evening game drive and even night game drives. Taking a day game drive allows tourists to view several wildlife as they graze with in savanna of the park such as Zebras, elephants, Buffaloes, Hippos, impala and other mammals that are seen hunting for a meal such as lions. However, tourist who opt for a night game drive have an opportunity to sport most of the hunters and nocturnal mammals are spotted such as hyenas, leopards and other different cats.

Birding safaris in Tsavo East:  the best way to view several species of birds in Tsavo east national park is by taking on a birding adventure where you be in position to encounter with a huge number of birds since Tsavo east national park is a home to over 500 species of birds. Amongst the bird species seen during birding include; Ostriches, Black kite, secretary birds, Kingfishers, Marabou stork among others.

Photograph taking: The thrilling nature of Tsavo east makes offers the best spots for photo taking with mammals and birds are caught in the back grounds making it more fun and attractive activity done in the park.

Camping safari in Tsavo east national park: The offers the best camping ground s for tourist on a camping safari where they have tourists sleep in the wild with the wildlife and the surrounding nature.

Getting there

Tsavo east national park can be accessed by either road or air

By road, a road drive from Nairobi takes about 233km drive to access Mtito Andei gate which is situated in the southern part of Nairobi. While a road drive from Mombasa to takes 250km drive to get to Mtito Andei gate located north of Mombasa which takes traveler to Tsavo west national park.

From Mombasa, tourist can also use Voi gate which is about 153km.

The park can also be accessed from malindi by travelers who use the western road and finally access Tsavo east national park through Sala gate. 

By air: Tsavo east national park has airstrips through which tourists can take a flights and access the park. These include; Sala Airstrip, Voi air strip, Buchuma air strip, Satao air strip, sangayaya air strip, Aruba air strip, Ithumba air strip and mopeo air strip.

Tsavo East National Park
Tsavo East Wildlife

Accommodations in Tsavo East

Some of the accommodations in Tsavo East include; Kilalinda safari camp, Kulalu tented camp, Voi wildlife lodge, Satao tented camps, Ithumba tented camps, Ashnil Aruba lodge,  Ngutuni lodge, Man eaters safari camp, Impala safari lodge, Voi safari lodge, Manyatta tented camp, Leopard lodge, Red Elephant safari lodge among others. The above mentioned accommodations are both lodges and camps offering budget, luxury and midrange amenities with in Tsavo East.

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