Safari Activities to do in Buffalo Springs National Park : Buffalo springs National Park is located in the Eastern region of Kenya within the Eastern province. In addition, it was established as national park in 1948 covering a total surface area of about 131 square kilometers. Buffalo national park derived its name from the Buffalo springs which is famously known as the main water source in the park which has an Oasis with clear waters formed by rising the underground stream and it is found within the western region of the park.

Buffalo Springs national park is dominated and surrounded by many wonderful physical features such as; rolling Rowland plains of old lava, stunning waterbodies, fauna and flora, scattered grass and shrubs, Acacia elatior, occasional swamps, desert rose which has pink blooms and salvadora persica which is also commonly referred to as the toothbrush tree or mustard tree and this tree is referred to as Mswaki in Swahili and Sokotu in the Samburu language. , more so, there are more tourist attractions in this park which lead many individuals to travel from different parts of the world and some of these include; wildlife species such as; lions, leopards, elephants, antelopes among others and a variety numbers of bird species bare-eyed thrush, black bellied sunbird, brown tailed rock chat and many others. There is also the beautiful vegetation cover, which is evergreen, Ewaso Nyiro River, which is famously known as a permanent water source that is dominated by doum palm forests, thick acacia, riverside grasses and it, is seen as the best birding spot, Buffalo springs and many others.  In addition, touring around this national park gives tourists chances to participate in many interesting activities where they get enjoy the new experiences. Therefore, some of these activities include the following below;

Things to do in Buffalo Springs National park.

Game drives.

Embarking onto game drives is one of the best ways for one to explore trough many different parts of the park in a short period. and while during this activity is best to drive the 4 by 4 wheel safari which are customized cars with open widows and a pop up roof which grants tourists to capture classic views of many wildlife species which are spotted moving around the park while searching of food and these some of these animals include; impalas, waterbucks, zebras, leopards and many others.  More so, the game drives are always done within different sessions for example; tourists can opt to go for the morning, afternoon and evening drives. In addition, tourists should note that they could go for these game drives at any time throughout the year due to the semi-arid climatic conditions that are received in Buffalo in Buffalo springs.

Game Viewing.

Buffalo Springs national park is one of the best destinations to travel to while on your wildlife safari in Kenya because it is a home to many wildlife species which include; Burch ell’s zebras, elands, hyenas, elephants which are always spotted while bathing in the muddy water of the river, wild dogs, reticulated giraffes, grants gazelles, beisa oryxes, grevy’s zebras, greater and lesser kudus, cheetahs, leopards, elands, and it is an area to see large buffalos which are best spotted around the river banks of Ewaso Ngiro river,  Nile crocodiles. In addition, individuals are able to see a pride of lions as they wait to catch their prey among others. More so, this activity is best done within the dry season which is between months of June to October and from December to February where there happens to be less rainfalls received.

Bird watching.

Buffalo Springs national park is a seen as a natural habitat to a huge concentration of about 390 bird species and some of these birds are notable and northeast African dry-country birds. More so, some of these birds include; African palm swift, bare-eyed thrush, Ashy cisticola, black-bellied sunbird, bristle crowned starling, black-capped social weaver, chestnut weaver, brown-tailed rock chat, chestnut-headed sparrow lark, Donaldson-smith’s weaver, Egyptian vulture, golden pipit, golden breasted starling, greater kestrel, Fischer’s starling, bristle-crowned starling and many others.

Safari Activities to do in Buffalo Springs National Park
Golden breasted starling

Apart from the above mentioned activities, there many more other things that tourists can do while in Buffalo springs national park such as; guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with park guides, cultural encounters where tourists visit the neighbouring communities and get chances to interact with  the Samburu people and get to learn more about their history, daily lifestyle and their cultural activities such as; how they throw spears, milk goats, watch and observe how they make their craft items and also get to watch their exciting traditional dance performances and many others.

Where to stay in Buffalo Springs National park.

Buffalo springs national park has so many accommodation facilities that are always available for the guests however, these lodging facilities are ranged and put in different classes such as; from budget, mid-range and luxury. And some these lodging facilities include; Samburu simba lodge, lion king bush camp, Ashnil Samburu camp, Samburu sopa lodge, Sarova Shaba game lodge, Samburu game lodge, elephant bedroom camp and many others.

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