Samburu Tribe In Kenya : Samburu tribe is known for its friendly and welcoming people. These can be witnessed on a Kenya safari. Samburu are majorly known as the nomadic tribe and still currently the tribe embraces their nomadic culture and their way of living. Samburu tribe in Kenya they are popularly found on the north of the equator in the geographically fascinating Samburu County of Northern Kenya.

Samburu people are greatly closely related to the Maasai tribe that live in East Africa commonly in Kenya and Tanzania, the relationship that keeps the Maasai and Samburu related is their language that they speak that is the Maa language.

Also the way Samburu tribe live it’s just like that of the Maasai people as both are the semi-nomadic people. Whereas for the case of the Samburu people for them they are still very traditional as they are still living with their old customs as compared to the Maasai people. Samburu tribe depend on the cattle, the goats, camels and the sheep as these are very important in the way of living of the Samburu and their culture, as these people are highly dependents of the livestock for the survival that means that the tribe uses the diet that comprises of majorly milk and at times during their occasions the Samburu can use the blood from their cows to supplement on their diet.

The blood is got by the Samburu people through cutting the jugular of the cow, and then they drain they blood from the cow to the cup. Then the Samburu after getting the blood they try to heel the wound that they seal it with the hot ash. Samburu do depend on the meat during only on the special occasions. But the Samburu people as well can supplement on their diet with other foods like the vegetables, roots and the tubers that they make to come up with the soup that gives them a classic meal.

Samburu land is mostly the dry barren land. That means that the Samburu tribe they do relocate their cattle to the areas that have enough of the green pastures and enough food for their animals. As every after the period of a few weeks the Samburu keep on shifting their cattle to the areas with the greener pastures for their animals. As they keep on constructing the huts while using the hide, mud, grass mats strung over poles. As well they construct the fence around their mud huts intentionally for protecting their animals from the dangers of the wild animals, as their tribe settlements are known as the manyattas. As these people usually live in the groups of about 5 to 10 families. That can be headed by the men and men also takes responsibility over their safety of the tribe.

Samburu women are very responsible about their families as these gather the vegetables, roots while caring for the children collects water to be used. The Samburu girls do help their mothers with the domestic works. Samburu tribe it’s the elders to rule the tribe. As these are the ones to decide when the ceremonies should occur like the weddings, circumcisions. The entry into motherhood is womanhood then for the case of the men is manhood with the circumcision ceremony, as men and women are allowed to get married once they are circumcised.

Samburu Tribe In Kenya
Samburu Tribe In Kenya

When the boy is circumcised is called the Moran. In Samburu tribe the men can be placed into the age sets and as a group move from one social position to another, that is from a child to Moran, then to junior elder and finally to elder.

Samburu people put of the traditional dress is striking red cloth wrapped like a skirt and a white sash, that can be put on together with many colorful beaded earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets and others as each of the jewelry presents the status of the wearer. This can be best spotted on a Kenya safari.

Like how the Maasai people settled, the government is working hand in hand with the Samburu people to also settle in the more settled permanent villages, as for them they resisted this proposal, as the permanent life would affect and disrupt their way of living.

On a Kenya safari, the Samburu people are the best tribe can one can see especially during the cultural tour in the northern Kenya, especially around Samburu National Reserve and among others. These people live in the sparsely populated areas with the vast numbers of the animal species, though most of their land protected with the co-friendly African lodges that is jointly run by the Samburu. On a Kenya safari, travelers, the best way to enjoy the Samburu is staying in the community-run lodge, where you enjoy the safari activities like walking safaris, camel safari with the Samburu safari guides.

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