Rahole National Reserve is situated on the north bank of River Tana. Rahole National Reserve is situated to the northeast of Kora National Reserve, the reserve is an enormous stretch of dry thorny bushland in the Garissa district  of Northeastern Province about 150 km northeast of Mount Kenya.  Rahole national reserve is situated on the area of 870 sq. km, the distance from Nairobi to the reserve is 348km, and the reserve was established in 1968. The reserve is as well located on the north bank of the Tana River at the western extreme of the North Eastern Province, the reserve is a vast expanse of unspoiled wilderness.  National Reserve serves as protective area for the migrating animals from Meru national Park. The reserve is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

 The reserve is a vast stretch of thorny bushland, which offers great opportunity for tourists to view hippos, elephants, Beisa Oryx, Grevy zebra, crocodiles and a variety of bird species.

Attractions in Rahole National Reserve.


Rahole National Reserve has attractive and abundance of animal species that includes the elephant, lion, spotted hyena, jackal, hippo, giraffe, impala, crocodiles, Grant and Thompsons gazelle, plains zebra, eland, lesser kudu, bushbuck, elephant, Grevy zebra, Beisa Oryx,  duiker, dik-dik and among many others. Rahole National Reserve offers a wide variety of plains game for filming and it is one of the best places in Kenya where to film hippos and crocodiles.

Rahole National Reserve
Thompsons gazelle

Bird species.

The Reserve is a great birding destination with various bird species, the reserve is great for birding and filming birds. The Reserve has got both the residential bird species, migratory bird species and a mong other species that can be found in the reserve.

Activities done in Rahole National Reserve.

Game Viewing.

Rahole National Reserve provides game viewing to the guests, here the guests can be in their four wheel car vehicle and being moved in the reserve, this is bestly done in the morning, evening game driving when the animal species are too many in the reserve and so the tourists can be able to sight many species like the Beisa Oryx, Bush buck, Lesser kudu, eland, zebra, bushbuck, elephant, Grevy zebra, spotted hyena, impala, crocodiles and among others. This activity gives the tourists peace of minds during game viewing and unforgettable memories through viewing of the various animal species.

Nature Walks.

This activity is mostly engaged by more guests, in that the guests move around the reserve as they move closer to the animal species in the reserve with the help of the guides, as they are guiding them in the reserve while explaining and showing them various animal species.

Bird watching.

Rahole National Reserve is a birding destination that offers the best bird watching to the tourists because the reserve has got various bird species for the guests.

Rahole National Reserve
bird watching in Rahole


Camping is also done in the reserve, this is where the guests experience the outside nature as they spend much of their time outdoors, the guests are provided with the tents where they pitch them in the ground and enjoy the campfire at night and stars while they are sharing with and enjoying with their families, friends. And when it is getting to morning the guests usually enjoy the sounds of birds and animals always alert them.

Best time to Visit Rahole National Reserve.

June to September is the peak season for tourism in the Reserve

Where to stay in Rahole National Reserve.

There are number of accommodations in and around the reserve ranging from Budget, Mid-Range and Luxury accommodations like the Ololo Safari lodge and farm, African Pearl Spa, and among others.

The  Reserve is a vast stretch of thorny bushland in Kenya, the reserve offers the great opportunity for the tourists to view hippos, elephants, Beisa Oryx, Grevy zebra, Crocodiles among others, the reserve also has a variety of bird species.

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