Mombasa city in Kenya : When in for some of the most thrilling activities in the republic of Kenya there are specific places that one should consider visiting before any other destinations for these are simply what we call exclusive safari points.

In Kenya there are several cities all with thrilling ventures to engage in despite of the fact that there are other cities that are way beyond others and these simply offer exclusive moments.

Mombasa is one of these towns in Kenya that offer sightseers exclusive moments of adventure as one gets to know better the republic of Kenya and also learn more about the country.

Mombasa is a coastal city in southeastern Kenya along the Indian Ocean with excellent safari points for all those who love carrying out water safari activities for the city is so close to the sea.

Historically Mombasa in the 1907 was the first capital city of Kenya under the governance of the British East Africa before Nairobi, and because of the beauty of Mombasa’s beauty it gained its self a name as the “the white and blue city”.

Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya and the oldest most recognized city in Kenya for its beauty and lots of commercial services that take place in the city and this is one of the reasons as to why it is most famous in Kenya.

Known to be the second largest city in the republic of Kenya Mombasa is recorded to have a population of over 3,528,940 people in it, and with the fact that the city is located near the Indian Ocean this made the population of the city grow on a high speed because it is a huge trading center in the entire of Kenya.

Mombasa is known to be one of the best of safari destinations in the entire world known for the great attractions in the metropolitan, with several historical constructions and greatly of all the lovely blue waters that glitter at night.

Mombasa is home to the stone mosque, home to one of the state houses of Kenya, extra-large port and an international airport, Fort Jesus Museum, Mombasa Marine National Park, the great nguuni nature sanctuary, shree cutch satsang temple, mamba village center these and lots more are what your to encounter as you visit the great Mombasa city.

Besides these various attractions Mombasa as well offers so very many safari activities to all those that go to sight the great metropolitan as they learn of the beauty of the city and the republic of Kenya at large.

 Safari activities in Mombasa

With Focus East Africa Tours one has the chance to experience most of the safari activities that take place in Mombasa Focus East Africa Tours helps out in the planning of the various safari activities that can be done on a city tour to Mombasa in the republic of Kenya.

These are some of the safari activities that one can engage in while they visit the great metropolitan in Kenya with so much exciting facts about it and great experiences to offer to all those that choose to have a visit through the city and these include;

Swimming: there are greater chances to engage into the swimming activities in Mombasa for the city is strategically located along the shores of the Indian Ocean and hence there are several swimming points in the city.

Windsurfing: windsurfing is yet one of the most excellent safari activities that are conducted in Mombasa town because of the great water bodies that are within the city which provide space for all windsurf lovers to also not be left while on the city tour to Mombasa.

Visit the marine national park: the Mombasa marine national park is one of the most famous destinations in Mombasa to many who have visited Mombasa clearly have it that this is one of the most fantastic safari activities to do while in Mombasa city.

Mombasa city
Mombasa marine park

Visit the mamba village: the thrill of sighting various species of crocodiles in on place would not be one things that could be thought of while on a safari but a visit at the mamba village crocodile farm is also an exciting venture activity as you learn more about these endangered species.

Visit Kipepeo Butterfly Project: at the Arabuko Sokoke Forest. This where this project is based with word Kipepeo actually meaning butterfly and a visit to this area will give one lots of chances to sight unique species of butterflies and hence the beauty in nature.

These and lots more are some of the safari activities you can get engaged in while on your city tour to Mombasa in Kenya with thousands of thrilling moments in th metropolitan and hence great encounters

With Focus East Africa Tours city tours to Mombasa can be arranged to make sure that you get the greatest kind of safari activities arranged for you and your family as you enjoy the breathtaking areas in Mombasa town.

The months between July and October are excellent for visiting Mombasa because the vegetation is very green and the skies blue hence would be the best seasons to have your city tour trip to Mombasa booked for despite of the fact that the city can be visited all year through and still provides excellent safari ventures.

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