Mkomazi National Park is located in northeastern Tanzania on the Kenyan border in Kilimanjaro Region and Tanga Region Mkomazi national park is a magnificent, the park covers an area of 3,234 square kilometers (323,4 00 hectares). The park was established in 1951 and upgraded to a national park in 2006. Mkomazi national park lies south of the arid Sahel zone and shares a large stretch of border with Tsavo National park in Kenya, the Zange entrance gate lies 112km from Moshi, 550km from Nyerere International Airport, 142km from Kilimanjaro International Airport, 120km from Kilimanjaro National Park and 6 km from the town of Same, within sight to the northwest is Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest summit. To the south, the Pare and Usambara Mountains form a dramatic backdrop and, to the north.

 Mkomba national park is dominated by the Acacia commiphora vegetation savannah woodland and grassland, set below the slopes of the spectacular Usambura and Pare eastern Arc Mountain ranges, and overseen by the snowcapped peak if Kilimanjaro, Mkomzai national park offers some of the stunning scenery in Tanzania.

Attractions in Mkomazi National Park.


Mkomazi national park has a variety of wildlife in that the park shares with its northern border with Kenya’s vast Tsavo West national park such as the migratory herds of elephants, zebras, Beisa Oryx travel between these two parks depending on the rainfall patterns. Mkomazi national park has more other animal species that is in the park it’s the only area where you can view Gerenuk in Tanzania, Oryx, and lesser kudu. Mkomazi national park has a variety of animal species like the giraffe, Kongoni, buffalo, eland, endangered black rhino, wild dog, antelopes and among others.

 Mkomazi National Park
Beisa Oryx

Bird species.

Mkomazi national park is marvelous destination for Tanzania birding tours, the park has more than 450 species of birds that have been recorded in the park that includes the cobalt-chested vulturine guinea fowls, ostriches, Kori bustards, secretary birds, ground hornbill, Martial eagle, violet wood-hoopoe, long-crested eagles and many others, the park has got the migratory species that includes the Eurasian roller. Other bird species in the park includes the Friedmann’s lark, Somali long-billed crombec and Shelley’s starling, colossal Verreaux’s eagle, Banded Green Sunbird, Hunter’s Sunbird, White-chested Alethe, White-headed moudebirds, Red-fronted Warbler, Rosy-patched bush-shrike, Africa Marsh Harriers, Brown Snake Eagles, Augur Buzzards, Wahlberg’s Eagles, Tawny Eagle and many others.

Activities in Mkomazi national park.

Game Viewing.

Mkomazi national park offers the most great game drive in the park, the tourists can be able to spot various animal species in the park including the Oryx, elands, dik-dik, topis, zebras, gerenuk, kudus, Coke’s hartebeest, the game driving in the park is conducted in four-wheel (4×4) drive vehicles are recommended.

In the dry season, from the month of June to October, is the best time for game viewing during your Tanzania wildlife tours, however the scenery and views of the mountains are at their best in the wet season, from November to May during this time it’s the best to see elephants migrating into the park from Tsavo national park.

Bird watching.

Mkomazi national park offers the best bird watching in Tanzania,  the park has over 450 species of birds the park has its special two bird species including the Kori bustards, Ostriches on the other side the park has a various bird species including the secretary birds, Martial eagle, long-crested eagle, pygmy falcon and many others. In Mkomazi national park the best time for bird watching is from November to April that’s when the migratory birds from Europe and northern Africa are present and so this is the best time for breeding of the birds in the park.

 Mkomazi National Park
Birding Safaris

Walking Safari.

Walking safari in the park helps the tourists to explore the main park’s attractions to the guests like the animal species, bird species as there is a short walking safari at the Dindiara trail (4km) which takes about 3 hours, also hiking, Mbula Hill trail (5km) also takes about 4hours to ascend and descend. The best time to conduct the activity is during the morning and late afternoon in the park.


Mkomazi national park offers camping facilities to the tourists who visit the park in that the park has both the special campsites like Dindira special camp, Mbula Special camp, then public campsites such as Zange public campsite, Maore public campsite, Kamakota public campsite though with different services, camping in the park makes the guests to enjoy the wild nature of the park, enjoying the camp fires during the night and the night stars in the sky.


Mkomazi national park has a good scenery full of nature’s beauty, and other attractions found in abundance, this makes it a great ideal area for filming.

Entrance fees of Mkomazi national park.

  EA (Tshs) Non EA Citizen (USD) Expatriate/ Residents (USD)
Of above the age of 16 years 5000 30 15
Between the age of 5 and 15 years 2000 10 5
Children below the age of 5 years Free Free Free

Where to stay in Mkomazi national park.

Mkomazi national park provides accommodation facilities to the guests  that is  there are various campsites, lodges within and outside the park as well in the Same town which lies about 6km from the park, though the accommodation ranges from Budget, Mid –range and Budget. The accommodation facilities in the park includes the Mamo Viewpoint, Babu’s Camp, Panagani River camp, Mbokoi VIP house, Amani Family House, Standard cottages and many more.

Best time to visit Mkomazi national park.

The best time to visit the park is between the months of June to October that’s during the dry season and it’s the periods when the wildlife viewing is at its prime.

How to get to Mkomazi National Park.

The park can be accessed by Air, Road means from Arusha or Dar es Salaam.

By Road means.

The park is 120 km from Moshi. Same town to the nearest entry gate is 6km on a graveled road, the park is also easily accessible on special arrangement through Njiro, Kivingo and Umba gates.

By Flight means.

The park can be accessed through using the charter flights to Kisima airstrip in the center of the park near the rhino sanctuary, or the quickest flight from Arusha Airport to Kilimanjaro Airport is the direct flight which takes 15 minutes to the park.

The park is one of the park that is largest and most important protected ecosystems as the park provides a common base of elephants, Oryx, zebras, the park is located on the southern tip of the Sahel, it has a classic arid area with gray-green nyika bush, old baobab trees, and isolated rocky hills.

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