Best East Africa’s finest Mountain views  : East Africa has got the most beautiful mountains that are attractive to the tourists on a safari to East Africa, the plenty mountains in East Africa have got the best mountain views on the planet which favors the incredible hikes that give the tourists the best safari hiking experiences added with the amazing mountain views. The mountains in East Africa have the great summits, snaking forest trails, flatland savannah. The East Africa’s mountains are such rewarding to the tourists because they have got the trekking experiences to fit the trekkers fitness level.

Best East Africa’s finest mountain views.

Mountain Kilimanjaro.

Best East Africa's finest Mountain views
Mount Kilimanjaro

Mountain Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa with 5895 meters at 19,340 ft. The mountain is located in Tanzania, it has got the most impressive features and gives the tourists the finest mountain views, and the mountain has got the rocky and moon-like landscapes that led you to the snowy glacial views. Mountain Kilimanjaro has got various trails for hikers that attracts the different tourists like Shira, Lemosho, Machame and among others which drive you to the most charming mountain views that makes the tourists to enjoy the biodiversity of the area. A safari to Mountain Kilimanjaro gives the tourists the most gorgeous and expansive views, the views from Uhuru peak gives the major highlight the roof of Africa.

Mountain Rwenzori.

Mountain Rwenzori is the third highest mountain in Africa, which ranges with the height of 5090.16 meters (16,700 ft.). Mountain Rwenzori is the located in Uganda, and it has got the high altitudes that makes it the third highest mountain in Africa, with the massive glaciers that are sources of the longest river in Uganda the River Nile, with the range’s rocky cliffs, lakes that are exceptional to the tourists who explore the mountain.

Mountain Rwenzori is such attractive to the most of the tourists being the place of the valleys full of the green-lakes, high glaciers, snow-capped peaks, rocky cliffs and among others, the diverse unique biodiversity gives the great mountain views to the tourists like the bamboo forests, tropical rain forests and among others.

Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa, and the highest mountain in Kenya, the mountain is very attractive to the tourists with the height 5199.9 meters (17,060ft), the mountain has got the different routes to reach the summit of it, its such interesting for the hikers with the beautiful mountain views and the hikers are given the sparkling glacial summit. The routes used to take the summit includes the Sirimon, Naro Moru, Chogoria and among others that makes the hike such impressive to the tourists.

Mountain Kenya offers the greatest views of the spectacular landscapes of the woodland, waterfalls, moorland, and precarious looking rocks with the presence of the everyday ice and the glacial lakes viewed as you ascend its magnificent peaks.

Mountain Elgon.

Mountain Elgon has got 4321 meters, with the attractive longest base of any compared to other mountains in East Africa, its rich in the incredible bio-diversity and exhilarating views of Kenya the neighboring country from the summit on Wagagai peak. Mount Elgon is the great that offers the tourists with the clear views of the mountain form the base up to the summit of the mountain.

Best East Africa's finest Mountain views
Hiking Mount Elgon

Mount Meru.

Mount Meru is located in Tanzania standing at 4,566 meters, 14,980 ft. Mount Meru has best routes that takes you few days to reach the beautiful volcano, as the route passes you through the ancient lush rain forests of the fig trees and gives the tourists the heather and rocky moors, during and when carrying out the hike along the trail the tourists spot the animal species like the giraffes, buffalos, baboons and among others without forgetting the hundred species of the species that gives you the courage to spot the mountain views.

On your safari to East Africa, the tourists are attracted with other amazing mountains that gives the great mountain views to the tourists that includes Mount Karisimbi, Mount Sabinyo, Udzungwa mountains, Usambara mountains, Ol Doinya Lengia and among others.

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