Things to know Before Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro  : Mount Kilimanjaro is the popular tourism safari destination in Tanzania, and Kilimanjaro Mountain is the highest mountain in the entire Africa and it’s the highest single free-standing mountain above the sea level in the world that is the mountain is 5,895 meters (19,341 ft.) above the sea level. Mount Kilimanjaro is also known as a stratovolcano, and it has got three cones namely Shira, Mawenzi, Kibo, where the Kibo is the summit of the mountain and it’s the tallest of the three volcanic formations.

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania in its northern part near the Kenya border and the Indian Ocean to the west that is so attractive to the various tourists who come to visit the country.

Things to know before hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Hiking during the dry season.

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro is done all the year around, though during the dry season it’s the best period to hike the mountain compared to wet season when the area can be muddy and too slippery. Tanzania has got two wet seasons that is March through May and November to December. Most of the hikers opt to carry out hiking Mount Kilimanjaro during the months of January and February or between June and October.

Things to know Before Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Hiking Trails on Mount Kilimanjaro

Choose the best route.

There are several routes that takes the hikers to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, though among the routes three are the most loved ones. That is Marangu takes five to six days its quick, cheap and its comfortable, then Machame route takes around seven days though it has got tough going and then Lemosho route is a better route up the long western ridge of the mountain that takes six to nine days. It’s said that the more days you spend on the mountain the more the expenses.

Carry medications.

The marsh wilderness is overflowing with mosquitoes; the height can make you bleary eyed; and the new microscopic organisms can weaken your immune system. Bring bug repellent and antimalarial pills. Use Dramamine and ibuprofen to fight off the impacts of the elevation. Convey Pepto-Bismol in the event of explorer’s diarrhea. Likewise ensure you bring a container of high-SPF sunscreen and any specific prescription or toiletries you want; they may not be promptly accessible in country Tanzania.

Collect your gear.

Kilimanjaro might be one of the world’s most open high peaks, however summiting a 19,000-foot mountain is still no simple accomplishment. Hydration is critical, so carry few one-liter reusable water bottles. Bring a light inflatable resting cushion and a hiking bed evaluated for 0 to 10° Fahrenheit. Pack warm tights, warm downy jeans, and lightweight, speedy drying climbing pants. Also shades, a warm head cover, and a sun-shading cap. Maybe in particular, bring a decent sets of waterproof climbing boots and convey a new sets of socks for every day on the mountain. Numerous climbers likewise decide on posts on the grounds that the territory is rough and steep.

Tip the porters.

The hikers are expected to carry out 400 USD to 500 USD cash specifically to tip the guides and the porters at the end of the climb, as it’s known that most of the Tanzanians come from different parts of the country to work on the mountain and use the tips that are given to them to support their families and basic needs.

Having a good budget.

Indeed, even without talking about flights, climbing Kilimanjaro is a costly. Visit bundle costs fluctuate among courses and organizations, however you won’t track down a lot less expensive arrangement than $1,000 — and it’s not common to shell out as much as $3,000. You’ll likewise have to get dwelling in a close by town for when the trip. On the off chance that you add on a safari, that is another couple of thousand bucks. Make sure to change burning through cash into Tanzanian shilling.

Things to know Before Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro
Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Book a local tour company.

For different economic and environmental reasons, the Tanzanian government specifies that you should hire a nearby local guide supplier to climb Kilimanjaro. Most climbers choose a comprehensive administrator that gives tents, food, transportation, and porter services all through their whole stay in the country. For a couple thousand additional dollars, numerous local tour companies also offer a safari through the Serengeti and its well-known Ngorongoro Pit, Things to know Before Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro

Paying for the optional bathroom tent.

For an extra $100 or more, you can guarantee your camp is equipped with a zippered, waterproof, and compact restroom tent, a comfort that the aides and porters jokingly call the “Bank of America.” In any case, you are left with the sparse sanctuary of volcanic offshoots, and the old opening in-the-floor wooden latrines that are spread around each trail camp. You don’t actually require the Bank of America however you’ll love to have it, particularly assuming your party is trapped in the downpour or snow.

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