All about Masai Mara National Reserve fees: This article includes all the necessary information about Masai Mara National reserve’s entrance fees for people, vehicles, and aircraft landing among others. While planning your next adventure to Magical Kenya especially to the enchanting Masai Mara, this is the article you ought to read for the appropriate guidance on how to go about the entrance fees. Masai Mara National Reserve welcomes thousands of travelers per annum with the highest population seen during the annual wildebeest migration that sees runs throughout July, August, September and October. Apart from the annual wildebeest migration, the plains of Masai mara as well offer breath taking game drives, Hot air balloon, camping, picnic and many other breath taking adventures to enjoy during your next Kenya safari to Masi Mara national reserve. Masai Mara national reserve is a private conservancy managed by Narok County which is as well responsible for setting up the entrance fees.

  1. People Entrance fees

To access Masai Mara national reserve just like any other protected destination in Kenya, there is a fee paid and this is termed as entrance fees. This fee is levied depending on the location of the lodge where one intends to stay, the duration of time one intends to spend in the reserve, age group of the traveler and the residence status. The entrance fees for the reserve is valid for 24 hours implying that past 24 hours, you have entered anther day and thus have to pay for 2 days.

For instance, if one is staying at the lodges, camps inside Masai Mara reserve, then the entrance fees is at 70$ per adult per day for Foreign Non Residents and $40 per child. However, those staying outside the reserve pay 80$ for entrance fees per adult per day and 45$ for children. These rates are valid for 24 hours and they are for Foreign Non Residents. These rates are can change at any given period of time so it is always crucial to inquiry from the reserve or from a trusted tour operator in order obtain updated rates before embarking on your safari.

The entrance fees are payable either upon arrival at the respective Masai Mara National Reserve entrance gates either by Cash in both dollars and Kenyan Shillings, once can as well opt to use cashless payment by M-Pesa, Visa card and MasterCard all available at the entrance gate of Masi Mara national reserve. While making payments, Kenyan Residents are required to present a proof of their residence status so as to enjoy the benefits of reduced entrance fees at 1200 Kenyan Shilling and well as Kenyan Citizens at 1000Kenyan Shillings.

All about Masai Mara National Reserve fees
Wildebeest Migration in Maasai Mara

Below is a table briefly indicating entrance fees for Masai Mara National Reserve for individuals;

Foreign Nonresidents Foreign Residents/ East African Residents (KES) Citizens


Inside the Reserve (US $) Outside the Reserve (US $)
Adults 70 80 1,200 1,000
Children 40 45 500 300
Students 40 45 500 300



  1. The East African Residence status is valid for all tourists residing in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.
  2. The citizen rates are only applicable to citizens of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.
  3. Students have to communicate and seek permission at least 2 weeks in advance in order to enjoy the benefits of cheaper entrance fees and must present valid IDs upon arrival at the reserve.
  4. Camping fees in Masai Mara National Reserve

The reserve has both private and public campsites where travelers can enjoy staying in tents surrounded by the skies and stars.

Below are the camping fees payable per person per day;

Private camping fees in Masai Mara national reserve


Foreign Nonresidents  (US $)


Foreign Residents/ East African Residents (KES) Citizens




1,500 1,000
Children 20 500 200
Students 20 500 200

Note: It is compulsory for all tourists on private camping to hire 2 armed rangers for maximum protection and each ranger goes for 4,000Kenyan shillings for the full Night.


Public camping fees in Masai Mara national reserve

Foreign Nonresidents  (US $)


Foreign Residents/ East African Residents (KES) Citizens




1,000 1,000
Children 20 200 200
Students 20 200 200

Note: To confirm you private Campsite, a nonrefundable booking fee of 10,000Kenyan Shillings is payable.


  1. Vehicle entrance fees in Masai Mara National Reserve

Vehicle entrance fees is charged depending on the number of seats for the safari vehicle and capacity for the trucks and the charges are per day.

Entrance fees for Safari vehicles in Masai Mara National Reserve

6 seats and below 400
6 to 12 Seats 1000
13 to 24 seats  3000
25 seats to 44 4000
45 and more 5000

Note: These rates are payable on a per day basis. The more the car seats, the more the entrance fees and vice versa. However, this is affects only the safari vehicle and each individual on that vehicle has to pay entrance fees depending on the residence status on a per day basis as well.

All about Masai Mara National Reserve fees
Game Drives in Masai Mara

Entrance fees for Trucks in Masai Mara National Reserve.

Unlike safari vehicles, entrance fees for trucks in Masai Mara national park is charged depending on the tons of the truck. Have a look at the table below;

3 tons and below 700
4 to 7 tons 2,500
8 tons and more 3,500


  1. Aircraft landing fees in Masai Mara National Reserve;

The charges of Air craft landing in the reserve are charged depending on the capacity of the air craft.

Refer to the table below;

3 seats and below 300
3 to 6 Seats 500
7 to 14 seats  1000
15 seats to 20 2000
21 and more 3000



Apart from the entrance fees, there are other fees you ought to now whilst planning your adventure to this stunning Kenya wildlife Reserve and they include balloon landing fees at 50$ per landing charged on a per person basis, research permits at $400 for a full year among others.

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