A Safari In Arabuko Sosoke National Park : Arabuko Sokoke national park is located in the Northern region of Mombasa and it is situated in a distance of about 100 kilometers along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway and it is considered to be the largest and intact coastal forest which covers a total surface area of about 420 square kilometers and it is composed of the impressive diversity and the big portion of the Sokoke forest reserve and these are also many beaches in the country, amazing cultures and beautiful sceneries. More so, this national park is famously known for hosting around 20% of bird species and around 30% of butterflies species and around 24% endemic birds and more reptiles and mammal species.

Arabuko Sokoke National reserve was officially established as a national park in 1980s in order to protect the wildlife species. In addition, the national park has two climates for example; the wet season which is between months of April to June and the dry season that is considered the best time as to when individuals can choose to visit with in the park, which is between months of November to December.

Arabuko Sokoke National Park comprises of three Zones such as; cynometra, Bracheystegia woodland and many mixed forests, which all act as good natural habitats to many mammal, butterfly and plant species. more so, the park is surrounded with different types of vegetation which ranges thickets, knee-high grass, shrubs and mixed forests which are dominated with plants such as; manilkara, sansibarensis, Hymenaea verrucosa and forest vegetation which thick hence creating a humid atmosphere and tourists walking around this forests get to spot at animals like; the elephant shrew, tiny greenbul, coast Akalat and many others.

Tourist attractions in Arabuko Sosoke National park.

Arabuko Sosoke National park has a quite number of many attractions such as; beautiful physical features of mangrove trees, migratory birds which include; crab plovers, greater flamingos, sand plovers, terek sandpipers, the elevated Nyali which is a good spot to capture breathe taking views of Kenyan Coastline, wildlife species and many others.

 Activities done in Arabuko Sosoke National park. 

Touring around Arabuko Sosoke national park gives you opportunities to engage many activities, which include;

  • Wildlife viewing; This national park is a home to over 252 mammal species such as; savannah elephants, baboons, African civets, yellow baboons, lesser galago elephants, sykes monkeys, Aders duikers, small antelopes, unique golden-rumped elephants shrew, vervet monkeys among others, 60 plant species and around 79 amphibians. More so, there are permanent species found in this park, which include; Sokoke pipit, Clarke’s weaver, sokoke scops owl, Amani sunbird, sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose, African cricket, spotted ground thrush, vervet monkeys, baboons and many others.
  • Butterfly watching; this national park is a home to over various butterfly species such as; charaxes lasti, mimetic baliochila minima of the family lycaenidae, charaxes blandae which belongs to Nymphalidae, mylothris agathina, Danaus Chrtsippus alcipus, amauris ochlea and many others.
  • Bird watching; Arabuko sosoke national park is seen as a good birding destination which harbours around 270 bird species which include; Fischers turaco, golden woodpecker, Amani sunbird, sokoke pipit, clarkes weaver, sokoke scops owl, African crowned owl, snake eagle, African pitta, plain backed sunbird, east coast akalat, scaly babbler, hawk eagle, the rare clarke’s weaver bird, spotted ground thrush, East coast akalat, Amani sunbird, small sokoke scops owl and many others.
A Safari In Arabuko Sosoke National Park
East coast akalat

What to pack when going to Arabuko Sosoke National park.

For individuals planning to go on a safari in Arabuko Sosoke national park are encouraged to always pack things like; good hiking boots which help you most especially when the ground is slipperly, sun glasses which help to protect your eyes from the direct sunlight, pair of binoculars in order to capture classic views of many all the beautiful features and animals in the park, sun scream which protects your skin from the sun and many others.

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