Things To Do While In Mombasa : Mombasa is a located along the Eastern coastline of the Indian ocean in Kenya and this city is known to have many tourist attractions which attract large numbers of people to travel from many parts of the world to see and it is also a cool destination to travel to while planning to look for a place to travel and relax because it is surrounded with various numbers of beaches. More so, touring around the city gives you opportunities to know about the culture and history of the local people due to the fact that it has many cultures such as; the Arabs, Portuguese, Persian, African culture and the British culture and it is also noticed that most local people in this community are Swahili people, Muslims and Mijikenda. Mombasa was first commonly referred to as “Manbasa” which means an Island of war and this was all because it used to be the centre stage for the countless wars which occurred between individuals like; Arabs, Local people, the Portuguese and the British.

More so, within this city there are so many attractions that tourists can be able to see while on their tour and some of these include; the Fort Jesus which with no doubt is considered to be one of the top attractions in Mombasa and it is also known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which was put up by the Portuguese in years between 1593 to 1596, there is also the old town where tourists can visit and get to interact with the local people or visit the souvenir shops where they can antiques and other nice things to take for their people back at home, visit the Mombasa tusks which is considered to be a monumental structure in the city which was built in order to act as a remembrance about the visit of Queen Elizabeth which happened in 1952. More so, this structure is commonly referred to as “Pembembili” which means two tusks in the Swahili language and it is a good place for photography and many others.

Things to do in Mombasa Kenya.

  • For tourists touring around Mombasa can opt to go check out the ship traffic at Mama Ngina drive during one of the evenings when they are free. The Mama Ngina drive is one of the places one should always consider to visit before they leave the city because it while at this place gives breathe taking moment to chill and relax as you capture beautiful views of the sunset and also get to watch different types of ships which most people enjoy as they begin counting the ships that enter and leave the country however, people are encouraged to be more careful while in this area because it gets to be crowd most especially during the night but the advantage is that there is always security and for those individuals who would love to eat can be able to visit the nearby restaurants in the area and get to taste the sea food and enjoy the soft drinks.
  • Tourists can also go for swimming with dolphins which is a good experience from different beaches and some of these beaches include; Nyali, Bamburi, Shanzu among others. In addition, the north coast beaches are normally recommended because they are located a few kilometers away from the airport. More so, the beautiful green palm trees in the surrounding and the clear waters characterize these stunning beaches. Apart from swimming tourists can combine it with other water sport activities like; deep sea fishing, diving, nature walks along the beaches in the white sand and blue waters as you enjoy the cool breeze of the cool atmosphere.
  • Individuals can opt to walk through different trails because it is noted that there are many islands that make up the Mombasa city. While on the nature walks tourists capture classic views of the flora and fauna and beautiful scenery of the surrounding physical features and also get to sight see many animal species such as; monkeys, bird species and reptiles among others.
  • More so, tourists can also go for boat cruises on a dhow or a ride on a ferry or go on rides in tuk-tuk which take you through the busy streets of any island of your choice, visit the Mamba village centre which is known to be largest crocodile farm in the whole of Africa however it is also a home to large numbers of turtles and ostriches, reptile species, visit the Mombasa marine national park, shimba hills national reserve, Mombasa go-kart, Bomb lulu cultural centre and workshop, Ngomongo village park where you to interact with the local people, Nguni nature sanctuary, haller park, visit the top markets where you buy many stuff, visit the theatre or casinos and many others.
  • Things To Do While In Mombasa
    Mamba Village

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