Zip Lining in Kereita Forest Kenya  : is the forest bordering the Aberdares Mountain range in Kenya to the south and is actually part of the Aberdare ecosystem. The forest is maintained by the Kijabe Environment Volunteers, Kereita forest offers lots of the adventure based activities in the most beautiful of the landscapes and the scenic views that you will ever experience in your lifetime, however, one activity stands out, that is zip lining. The forest has the longest zip lines in East Africa stretching over more than two kilometers, it has 6 zip lines, all offering the picturesque views of the Aberdare forest, a speed of 60km/hr. 100 meters above the trees is what you get.

Zip lining at Kereita Forest is the longest zip safari in East Africa with a great view of the Kereita dense forest, beautiful landscapes and fresh mountain air. Fly over the forest at speeds of up to 60 km/hr. as you enjoy the view beneath you to the forest canopies. It is breathtaking and you even have chance to see the Colombus monkeys, elephants below while enjoying an adrenaline rush like no other, in a few to say the zip lining at Kereita forest is beyond comparison.

The Zip lining safari at the African Forest Lodge (Kereita), the longest zip safari in East Africa at over 2,200 meters takes you flying fast and high over the Kereita forest, offering unique views of the stunning landscape. Zip across mountain valleys at speed of up to 60km/hr. skim the treetops, glide under the giant forest canopies, while enjoying an adrenaline rush like no other, with distant views of the Mount Kenya and perhaps a glimpse of acolombus monkey or elephant nearby, this is a zip safari like no any other, built and operated to the highest international safety standards by the flying fox, the Kenya safari encompasses 6 big lines, with the short walks between each offering ample opportunities to explore. Instructors usually gives you the safety on every zip and point out reaching facts and features along the way.

Zip Lining in Kereita Forest Kenya
Zip Lining in Kereita Forest Kenya

Kereita’s 6 zip line safari packs in a punch of the adrenaline and offers those brave enough to try t unprecedented views of the Kereita forest and the Aberdare ranges.

The 6 zip lines on Kereita safari are the following,

Zip 1, the colobus catapult (425 meters)

This is from amongst the trees the first zip line launches you from the Adventure center high across the valley reaching speeds of up to 60kph.

Zip 2, the flying elephant (385 meters)

Here you keep your feet up and the eyes open as you zip back across the valley, keeping low and fast with views of the waterfall along the way.

Zip 3, the Eagle’s Nest (395 meters)

This zip is sure to take your breath away, soar like and eagle 150 ft high through the canopies if the giant trees deep in the valley below.

Zip 4, the big sky (360 meters)

Feel free whilst flying over the open valley with the views of Mount Kenya directly a head.

Zip 5, the Moo..ving Target (325 meters)

Here you follow the contours of the ridge and remember to keep your feet up.

Zip 6, The Lumberjack (330 meters)

Buzz just meters underneath the canopy of a huge whilst zipping at top speed, this final zip line is sure to leave lasting memories for you during your zip lining at Kereita forest.

During the zip lining taking around 2 hours to complete, this zip line activity includes the safety  brief, practice the zip and short walks in between; Maximum client: 115kgs then the Minimum client height: 1.4 meters (4 ft.6 in).

Zip Lining in Kereita Forest Kenya
Zip Lining in Kereita Forest Kenya

Zip lining dressing code.

Casual slacks or cargo pants (No sandals, shorts or skirts)

Hiking shoes with good grip.

Hat in case of hot sun.

Warm clothing in case of change of weather.

Rain gears and always carry an extra t shirt.

Zip line requirements.

Solid shoes.

Warm clothes and rain coats.

Sun block/Sunscreen if needed.

The zip lining activity at Kereita forest is charged at Ksh 1500 (for 2 zips) and Ksh 2500 (for 6 zips)

Other areas in Kenya where you can zip line from is Machakos zip line, Limuru zip line, Rapids camp, sagana, Kilifi rope challenge and zip lining and many others in Kenya. Try out zip lining in Kereita Forest in Kenya and get the unforgettable memories ever on the world.

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