Where to Stay in Nairobi National Park? Nairobi National Park is located in the South-central region of Kenya and it is situated about 8 kilometers and 5 miles from the South of Nairobi, which is considered as the capital city of the country.

gazette as a game reserve in 1946 and later it was officially established as a national park in 1963 with the main purpose of protecting all the wildlife animals in the country.

surrounded with beautiful physical features such as; thick woods, savannah grasslands, stunning waterbodies, rolling plains, thick forests and many wildlife species such as; zebras, buffalos, cheetahs, baboons, elands, giraffes, waterbucks, leopards, elephants, rare sokoke cats, hippos and other primate species like; black and white monkeys, blue monkeys and many others.

Also, home to over 500 birds such as; secretary birds, parrots, blacksmith lapwing, black headed heron, ostriches, common moorhen, long-tailed fiscal, marital eagle, guinea fowl, and pallid harrier among others.

Visiting the national park ranks to be the best safari activity anyone can carry out in the republic of Nairobi, In Nairobi national park, there are so many accommodation facilities and camping sites that sightseers can get to stay at while at the national park.

Both public and private are situated in different areas of the park in the East, West, Central and south directions of the park these accommodations are classified differently such as; budget, mid-range and luxury giving sightseers chances to choose where to stay according to their budget and preferences. Therefore, these safari lodges and campsites include the below;

Nairobi tented camp.

Nairobi tented camp is considered one of the best lodging facilities, the lodge is situated within Nairobi National Park consisting of around eight tents and a tier two tended camp, it is commonly preferred by the early explorers due to the classic safari accommodations facilities they provide to the visitors.

staying at this camp blesses you with a sense of being around the African bush as you enjoy the conductive and calm environment waking up to the beautiful melodies of the birds singing in the forests. Just like most of the other accommodations, the Nairobi tented camp also consists of rooms with bathrooms, comfortable beds, and private verandas, offering many facilities like; delicious meals which are either local or international, free Wi-Fi and many others.

Where to Stay in Nairobi National Park?
Nairobi tented camp

Maasai Safari lodge.

The Maasai safari lodge which is situated along the banks of Mbagathi river is one of the best lodges that are available for sightseers to have a stay at while in the republic of Nairobi, this lodge is the best destination to capture classic views of features like; Ngong Hills and embarking onto game drive activities during their free time or in case they are bored.

The Camp David Resort.

It is so easy to access Camp Davis resort due to the fact that the resort is situated within the vicinity of Nairobi National Park close to the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, the safari lodge has around 9 guest rooms available for the visitors, and the rooms have private balconies and garden where to sit and relax, free Wi-Fi, a terrace and a good restaurant among others.

There are so many other accommodation facilities where tourists can have their stay these include; the Emakoko, the Mbagathi and Emakoko rivers, Ololo Safari Lodge and farm, Nyati hill cottages, Olsupat Safari Lodge, the Boma Nairobi, Emara Ole Sereni, the glass house and the cat house and many others.

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