What Snacks do you pack when you are going on a safari? This is a tricky question because we all like different things and snacks at that, also different types of snacks are available in different areas and regions. So, we can’t just dictate that these are the snacks you should pack. However, we can advise on what we think is useful and can be beneficial to you on your safari.

First, you should know that on safaris, your itinerary will usually have a blocked time for meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner. You won’t be starving on your safari. Unless you choose to.

So, snacks are just supplements to the other meals and not the main meal.

So why do you need snacks?

Safaris can be long and tiresome draining most of your energy, so it’s important to pack some nutritious snacks to help your body re-energize.

What Snacks do you pack when you are going on a safari?
Food on Safari

Also, 70% of the safari activities are in far wild places, where there is no food or anything to satisfy your hunger. A snack will be the only bite you get while on your activity.

And a side note, when you are hungry, the safari stops being as exciting as it should be, so the snack is a perfect filler for that hunger.

If you also have an underlying condition, and your body is not able to wait for the scheduled meal times, a snack is a suitable filler for you as you wait for the meal times.

So which snacks do you pack for the safari?

They are quite a number and vary depending on location and availability. So here below we are going to make some suggestions and you will choose what best suits your taste and budget.

Energy-rich nuts. For example, Gnats, cashew nuts, pecans, almonds and others. These are good to keep your body energized and up for whatever safari you are only on. The only issue with the nuts is that some people are allergic to nuts so they will not work for everyone.

Fruit – fresh or dried. When you’re on a safari in East Africa, you come across a number of various fresh fruits from mangoes, jackfruit, bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, guavas, sweet fruit, etc. so this fresh fruit can be your snack. But if you are not a fan of fresh fruit you can stick with dried fruits example raisins, roasted pumpkin seeds, apricots, cranberries, etc.

Energy bars like candy, chocolate, granola, cliffs, etc. can also be good snacks and they are light and easy to carry.

Bread snacks like sandwiches, bugger, just bread itself, French toast etc.

Dried or roasted Ugandan food like cassava, sweet potatoes, matooke, ganja, etc. can also be good snack for you.

Energy drinks can also be a good snack. Like soda, coconut water and a couple of sports drinks

Other common snacks include crisps, Crackers, pretzels, Pringles, daddies, popcorn hard corn and many more.

Well, these are our suggestions, but there are many more snacks that you can pack for your safari; again, depending on preference and availability.

Just a caution when packing these snacks pack them in clean and in good shape carriers, for them to stay fresh and nutritious. Also to avoid unnecessary contamination of the snacks.

And on top of all the snacks, always carry water with you. Water is like and everything.

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