What is Unique About Nairobi National Park Game Drive? : Nairobi national park is located in the Southern part of Nairobi city, which is famously known as Kenya’s capital city. This national park is among the very first gazette game parks in the country because it was established on 16 December 1946 covering a total surface area of about 117 square kilometers. Nairobi national park is noticed to be fenced on both three sides whereby the open southern boundary allows the movement of many animals to cross between the park and the adjacent kitengela plains. And tourists should note that the best time to visit within this national park is during the dry season when the weather tends to be cool hence receiving short rainfalls and the grass vegetation being short which enables individuals to capture classic views of all the attractions and good nature within the park. More so, Nairobi national park stands out to be one of the most extraordinary, accessible and distinctive wildlife destinations in the whole world. In addition, in this essay below, we will explore as to why a game drive in Nairobi national park is a one of a kind safari experience.


Nairobi national park is a perfect destination to travel to while on an adventurous safari in Kenya because it is a home to an astonishing variety of wildlife species despite its small size compared to other game parks in the country. this national park is also hosts a rich diversity of flora and fauna and and it has a microcosm of African savannah ecosystems, forests which all offer a glimpse and act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species.

More so, tourists should note that the best way to see these animal species in large numbers, choosing to embark on game drives blesses them with the opportunity to go through many different which gives them chances to glance at many animals as they move around the park while searching for food and water and whereby some are commonly seen while they rest under the tree shades and while on these game drives, individuals are always accompanied with park guides who are well familiar and have plenty knowledge about the park. Therefore, Nairobi national is a home to the big five animals such as; there are over 100 African buffalo, 90 black rhinos, leopards, 35 lions and other mammal species like; elands, hartebeests, gazelles, wildebeests, cheetahs, hippos, zebras, crocodiles impalas, water bucks and this national park is known to be among the two national parks in the country that no elephants and the other park is lake Nakuru national park.

What is Unique About Nairobi National Park Game Drive?
Nairobi National Park

The prolific birdlife in this national park is another unique feature which attracts many tourists to move from different parts of the world to visit the park due to the fact it hosts over 400 bird species recorded including that they are classified in different types such as; water birds, migratory birds, raptors and some of these bird include; Rollers, mouse bird, cuckoo shrike, wattle-eye, bush shrike, monarch flycatcher, lybiidae, black winged kite, African harrier, Egyptian vulture, African cuckoo hawk, European honey buzzard, long tailed fiscal, white backed duck, black headed heron and many others.

Scenic landscapes.

Apart from the wildlife stealing the show, Nairobi national park also boasts diverse and stunning landscapes, which make the game, drives activity so easy. In addition, tourists are encouraged to always use the 4 by 4 wheel vehicles while on their game drive safaris because they are raised and have an open rooftop, which enables individuals to capture classic views of all interesting features and species in the park. This national park is surrounded with rolling savannah and open grasslands, rocky out crops, woodlands hence making the visual feast for photographers and nature lovers.

Animal Orphanage and Nairobi safari walk.

While on a game drive in Nairobi national park, tourists get opportunities to also visit the animal orphanage, which is also within the park serving as a refuge for a variety of orphaned or injured animals. Therefore, visiting this orphanage gives individuals chances to observe and learn more about these animals and some of these species include; lions, cheetahs and more various primates.

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