What is the Best Time to go for a Kenya Safari? : Kenya safari is everyone’s first question to be asked when he or she thinks about visiting Kenya, but before proceeding far this is the best significance that a tourist should ask himself. Kenya is a blessed safari destination East Africa and even Africa with the most awesome and attractive destinations, hence making a tourist even not feel like leaving the country after visiting because of its endless safari destinations that it offers to its guests. Though Kenya can be visited and explored by the guests all the year around, but there is the best time that the guests should first know in order to visit Kenya.

When carryout a Kenya safari the guests have to first understand the best time to visit the country due to the fact that the country’s biggest number of the attractions and safaris these have to be first understood by the traveler to know the best time for the visitor to be visiting the country, as these include the wildlife safaris, hiking and nature walks safaris, hot air balloon safaris, beach safaris, bird watching safaris, horseback ride safari and among others. So the best time to visit Kenya is your best choice of the activity that you want to do on your Kenya safari.

Travelers who come to visit Kenya for the wildlife safari that is, witnessing the wildebeest migration from Serengeti National Park from Tanzania to Maasai Mara National reserve, spotting the big five mammals like the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and as well as spotting other numerous number of the animal species from the rest of the national parks and national reserves do normally visit Kenya during the dry season or the peak season on a Kenya safari. That’s the period when the guests have the best game drive, nature walks while exploring the parks of Kenya when the roads are passable and dry no slippery, and again in the park that’s when the vegetation in the parks can be thin since providing the tourists with the best spotting view to the most of the animal species that are found in the parks. Again during that period that’s when the animal species tend to accumulate the water sources in the parks hence easy spotting. And this provides the best wildlife safari experience in Kenya. The best time is during the dry months of June to October when there is no rain and during the season that’s when the daytime temperatures are not too hot in Kenya.

What is the Best Time to go for a Kenya Safari?
Kenya Safari

Kenya has well got the rainy season that is during March to June and also from November and December which is well worth considering, this is known as the low season, this season is most loved by the tourists who do not like the over crowdness of more tourists in the parks of Kenya, most of the guests as well visit Kenya during the low season to feel self-independent in the parks. Indeed this is the perfect time for the bird lovers, visitors travelling during the low season or the rainy season the reason being the breeding season in Kenya and again this is the time when the migratory bird species arrive in Kenya hence making Kenya the birding paradise and offers the perfect birding safari in Kenya. Bird lovers who come to Kenya during the low season enjoy observing the most and beautiful, colourful bird species that are found in the country.

The best time to experience the Kenya’s beaches is relying to your time that you are having that is moot point, being the Kenya’s Indian ocean coastline is such hot and very humid all the year around and the rainfall calm occur at any time. The best time the travelers to experience the Kenya beaches is from October to January through the during November is the most perfect one, this period is usually considered the best time to visit Kenya’s beaches, as these months offer the perfect conditions for diving and snorkeling and among many others.

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