What Are The Features Of Tarangire National Park? Tarangire national park is one of the Country’s most spectacular and diverse wildlife reserves which is located in the Northern part of Tanzania in Manyara region ranking as the 6th largest national park covering a total surface area of about 2,8500 square kilometers. This national park derived its name from the Tarangire River, which crosses through the park, and it is considered the primary source of water where most animals always gather to drink water especially during the annual dry season. Tarangire National park was officially established in 1970. More so, this national park is famously known for being a perfect birding destination and its beautiful landscapes which are also one of the particular interests which attract many people to travel due its high number of scenic baobab trees and its many other unique and captivating features which make it a must visit destination for many individuals who are nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Therefore, in the essay below, we explore through all the myriad features and the attractions that are found within the park and some of these include;

Diverse Wildlife Population.

Tarangire National park is known to be a home to an impressive array of wildlife species act as top tourist attraction and make the park to be seen as a prime destination for safari enthusiasts. And the parks ecosystem supports a wide variety of animals that tourists usually spot as they move wonder around the park while searching for food and some of these animals include; the big five animals; Lions, Leopards, Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalos, African elephants and other species like; cheetahs, giraffes, impalas, African wild dogs, water bucks, common elands, hyenas, baboons, zebras, impalas, baboons, common warthogs, Hartebeests, jackal, bat eared fox, dik-dik and primate species like; vervet monkeys among others.

Birdlife Extravaganza.

Tarangire national park is seen as a true birders paradise due to the fact that it harbours around 550 bird species that tourists can sight see while touring around the park. more so, the fact that this park is surrounded with numerous swamps and wetlands, this attracts a wide range of bird species and some of these include; yellow necked spur fowl, superb starling, black headed heron, Ashy starling, Bush shrike, Cuckoo shrike, wattle-eye, laughing thrushes, painted snipe, Nictor, Village indigo bird, African hoope, Northern white crowned shrike, Rufous tailed weaver, Northern red billed hornbill and many others.

Baobab trees.

Tarangire national park is also well known for its iconic ancient baobab trees. And these gnarled trees are commonly referred to as  the “Avenue of the Giants” and they are surround many areas within the park hence creating a stunning landscapes hence making it a perfect place for photography and more especially during the sunsets when their silhouettes are being illuminated due to the fading light.

What Are The Features Of Tarangire National Park?
Baobab tree in tarangire

Flora and Vegetation.

Its diverse ecosystems and its cool vegetation characterize Tarnagire national park landscapes. In addition, they are all being dominated by swamps, open savannah grasslands, riverbanks, acacia woodlands and this entire act as good habitats and support a rich tapestry of flora hence making this game park an attractive destination for botanists and nature enthusiasts. However, apart from the baobab trees, Tarangire national park is also adorned with many other types of tree species such as; acacia trees, sausage trees and other various grasses and shrubs.

Off- the- Beaten path Experience.

Tarangire national park is situated close to other Tanzanian popular safari destinations for example; Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro national park. In addition, this blesses tourists with opportunities to often enjoy a more exclusive and off the beaten path experience by visiting the other places where they gain new experiences.

Conservation Efforts.

Tarangire national park is also actively involved into the conservation efforts with the main purpose of protecting its natural treasure. And these initiatives include the anti-poaching measures in order to fight against poachers, daily wildlife monitoring and also put up community based programs which help a lot towards supporting the local livelihoods and also while conserving the environment.

Tourist Activities.

Exploring around Tarangire national park also blesses tourists with opportunities to engage in so many interesting activities where individuals get to learn new experiences and create remarkable memories. and some of these things to do include; Bird watching, game drives which are usually conducted in different sessions such as; in the morning, afternoon and evening, visiting the Ngorongoro crater, visit the Oliver’s camp, wildlife game viewing, Balloon camping, guided nature walks, rock climbing, community visits and cultural encounters, visit the sanctuary swala camp, tranagire river camp and many others.

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