What Are The Big Five To See On A Safari In Tanzania? Tanzania is a superb spot to go on adventure in East Africa, where you can explore some of the most hidden places where the big five mammals can be witnessed. Tanzania has many destinations in which safaris can be done, and all of them are great for exciting safari adventures.

The big five safari adventure is one of the most prevalent safari activities in Tanzania. It can be done in Serengeti National Park, Nyerere National Park, Ruaha National Park, and the area around the Ngorongoro conservation area and among other safari destinations. The “Big Five” safari in Tanzania is a very interesting trip because you get to see the most valuable and sought-after animals in the country.

During a safari in Tanzania, you’re likely to see the “big five.” Experienced safari guides can help you see the “big five” and take you to renowned safari destinations in Tanzania, so you can have your “big five adventure.” The best times to go on a Big 5 safari in Tanzania are from June to October and from December to February, which is the dry season. However, you can still go on a safari at any time of the year.

Big 5 safaris in Tanzania can primarily be experienced through game drives in the famous safari destinations, as earlier mentioned and these game drives can either be morning, afternoon and night game drives according to ones choice of safari experience. The big five can also be seen during nature walks, hot air balloon safaris, and cultural tours, hiking, and canoeing in the national parks of Tanzania.

With the help of Primate Holidays, you can enjoy this great safari activity in the Republic of Tanzania and get to see the beautiful and amazing scenery there. In this article, Primate Holidays gives you a list of the “big five” animals that you are most likely to see on a big five safari in the Republic of Tanzania.

Big fives in Tanzania.

Seeing the “big five” animals in Tanzania is one of the most exciting safari to do there. If you go on a safari in the Republic of Tanzania, you can see and experience some of the great movements of the “big five.”


Buffaloes are one of the “big five” animals. They are the easiest to find because they graze easily on the grass in national parks, and you are most likely to see them on safari drives.

Elephants are the biggest land mammals, and they are also one of the most common big five animals to see on a big five safari in the Republic of Tanzania. Elephants move in groups, so you are likely to see more than one.


Leopards are sneaky by nature and are known to be able to blend in with their surroundings. This means that when you go on a big five safari, you need to know about these great and scary animals.


Lions are known as the “king of the jungles,” and they are beautiful to see on a “big five” safari in the Republic of Tanzania. Like leopards, they are predators with great hunting skills, a lot of pride, and loud roars. They also move and live in groups and move in packs.

What Are The Big Five To See On A Safari In Tanzania?
Lake Manyara national park wildlife


Rhinos The rhinos are another exciting member of the “big five” that you can see on a safari in Tanzania. They are most often seen in the Ngorongoro conservation area, which is a great place to see them on your safari in Tanzania.

In conclusion, seeing the “big five” in their natural habitats is a thrill that can’t be found anywhere else. With the help of Primate Holidays, you can see all of these amazing animals in their natural habitats.

However, these big five are not the only wildlife species to  see  while on your safari in this country.  There are many other wildlife species that can be spotted within different areas and some of these include;  impalas, kudus, gazelles, water bucks, wildebeests, zebras, cheetahs, hyenas, warthogs, gazelles, dik dik, reedbucks among others. More so, this country is also a best safari destination for bird lovers to visit because it harbours a variety bird species.

Contact our trusted tour operators for more information about what big five species are there to see while on a safari in this country and then book with our tours and travel companies such as; Focus East Africa tours who offer the best tour packages while on your adventurous safari in Tanzania.

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