Uganda Wildlife Authority : Uganda is a land of great and simple sceneries for each and every one to be in position to explore. While you are blessed with the chance to have a great adventure in Uganda there are places that should never skip your list of venture.

Uganda is a well-organized country that provides variety of attractions to its sightseer and when it comes to the political arrangements and security in Uganda it’s the only place you would want to first enter into.

Uganda is a safe country for each and every one that gets to have a safari into it, with varieties of attractions and panoramic views for sceneries that’s all you need to have the best safari vacation in Uganda.

There are flora and fauna to sight in Uganda and to preserve and that is the major reason as to why the Ugandan government choose to set up an organization to keep and preserve the wild life in Uganda.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is the government parastatal which is responsible for all the wild life in the republic of Uganda, hence carries the mandate to preserve and make sure of the well-being of all national parks in Uganda.

With 10 national parks, 12 wildlife reserves and 14 wildlife sanctuaries in Uganda all these are under the protection and management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Uganda wildlife Authority is the only way one can get to have chances of getting to explore the pearl of Africa in its fullness for it’s the one responsible for giving out permits for different safari activities in Uganda.

Activities such as Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, Wildlife Safari, Bird watching, Golden monkeys tracking all require sightseers to have permits in order to carry them out and these permits are provided by the Uganda wildlife.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority is as well the responsible party for recruiting the enterprise fees safari activities in all national parks and to ensure forth accommodation facilities in Uganda’s national parks are well arranged for the satisfaction of the visitors in the country.

Having its main offices located on plot 7 Kira road in Kamwokya, Kampala City situated just next to Uganda Museum and the British Council. The Uganda Wildlife Authority is easily accessed and can be visited for any assistance and day.

As earlier revealed the Uganda Wildlife Authority has a mission to conserve, thriftily develop and sustainably manage the wildlife and protect areas of tourism in Uganda in partnership with neighboring civilizations and other investors for the benefit of the people of Uganda and the global public.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority has ensured to come up with ways to see that the parks are well preserved and protected in the country for the generations to come and some of these ways were to come up with the rules and regulations to govern the national parks.

The rules and regulations have truly been in the position to conserve and protect most of the endangered species in Uganda such as the mountain gorillas and they have truly done a great job to the well-being of wildlife in Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority
Uganda Wildlife Authority

Park Rules and Regulations

As the list that is yet to provided, these are the park rules and regulations that where set up by the Uganda wildlife authority to ensure the safety of all wildlife in Uganda:

  • Keep with all your official receipts for inspection.
  • Do not camp or make campfires except at designated
  • No littering in the park
  • Do not drive off the tracks
  • No Dogs or other pets allowed inside the park
  • No picking flowers or any plant in the national park
  • Do not use sounding motor horns which disturb animals
  • Do not drive beyond 40 kilometers
  • Driving in the park must be between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm
  • Do not use firearms in the park

Once these where lined out the Uganda wildlife authority also put up some penalties and that’s how it was able to ensure that the reserves and national parks in Uganda are well conserved.

Therefore with Uganda wildlife authority and Achieve global safari be in position to have the best kind of wildlife safari activities in the republic of Uganda without any fear of anything at all.

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