Uganda e Visa: Uganda Visa Requirements and Application Process : All foreigners visiting Uganda regardless of the intentions of the visit are required to have a valid visa, for tourists on a Uganda safari you are required to have a tourist visa.

What Is A Uganda Tourist Visa?

A Uganda Tourist Visa (e-visa) is a type visa for foreigners/tourists intending to visit Uganda for a safari in numerous Uganda safari destination, as an international travel you can apply for a Uganda Tourist Visa online via

 Uganda Tourist Visa are either single or multiple entry and they permit guests to stay for approximately 3 months depending on the specifics of your Uganda trip/safari.

Note: if you wish to stay longer than the initial period provided, you can apply for an extension at the Immigration Headquarters in Kampala, you are advised to do so before the initial visa pass expires.

Visitors should not overstay the validity of their visas as they may be fined USD 30 per day or face other legal consequences.

Before purchasing a Uganda Tourist Visa, please contact the embassy for further visa information.

Who Can Travel To Uganda Without A Visa?

Citizens of some countries can enter Uganda without a Visa as they are part of the Visa – waiver program and they include

Angola, Burundi, Comoros, Eritrea, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Madagascar, Rwanda, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Fiji, Gambia, Grenada, Jamaica, Lesotho, Malta, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Tonga, Vanuatu, Italy (Only diplomatic holders), and Cyprus.

Do U.S. Citizens Need A Visa For Uganda?

Yes, US passport holders must have a valid visa from Uganda to be granted entrance and they can purchase the visa via online for a Uganda trip or safari.

Can I Apply For An East Africa Visa For Uganda For Tourism?

Yes, you can apply for an East Africa Visa for Uganda, this type of visa is a joint tourist visa issued to travelers intending to travel within Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for tourism. East Africa Visa is a multiple – entry visa.

How Much Does An East African Tourist Visa For Uganda Cost?

An East Africa Visa costs USD 100, this amount is visible when you choose the type of visa you wish to purchase at the visa portals of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

Uganda e Visa: Uganda Visa Requirements and Application Process
Uganda e Visa

What Are The Visa Requirements for Uganda

Before you apply for a Ugandan Visa, you need to know the following visa requirements

  • A valid passport – your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your intended departure from Uganda.
  • Holders of a green card mist present a copy of their green card
  • A Yellow Fever International Inoculation Certificate – an international health certificate proving you have taken a yellow fever shot, the certificate is required at the border or an international airport.

What Are The Required Documents For A Uganda Tourist Visa?

Before applying for the Uganda eVisa, you must have some required documents, these documents must be in digital format to submit them during your online application. You need to have the following travel documents

  • A valid passport
  • Passport – size photos
  • A yellow Fever vaccination certificate
  • Proof of accommodation such as hotel booking
  • Invitation letter –only if you plan on staying with friends or family in Uganda
  • Return flight tickets

Note: you also be needed to submit additional documents.

How Much Does An Uganda E-visa Cost?

A Uganda visa costs USD 50, this amount mist be paid before you submit the visa application, otherwise your application will not be processed.  At the immigration portal, the visa fee is showed.

How Can I Apply For A Uganda eVisa?

The Visa application process in Uganda is fairly straightforward, you can apply for the visa via online portal

The online  application for a Uganda Tourist Visa is via

Steps of Applying for a Uganda Visa

If you want to apply for a Uganda eVisa, here the steps-by-step guide

Step 1: Access the website to apply

First, you must go to the Uganda Immigration website to start the application for the Tourist Visa application, you will see at the bottom of the page, you can click on the “start new application option”.

Step 2: Select your type of application

Next, you need to select the type of application, for example under Visa or permit type, choose “Visa” then select your type of visa (Tourist Visa). With the subcategory, there is only one option, single entry. Click next when you complete this section.

At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of supporting documents you will need for the application. The Visa you need to pay for your visa can be seen after the supporting documents.

Step 3: Fill out the visa application form

Next, you need to fill out the Visa application form, you need to provide information such as your name, date of birth, gender, current nationality, passport number, travel history and purpose to visit.

Step 4: Submit your documents*

Next, you must submit the required documents they ask for, these documents include your valid passport passport-size photo, return flight ticket, and any other documents they ask for.

Step 5: Pay the visa fee

Lastly, you must pay the visa Fee through the secure online portal with your credit card, then you can submit your application and wait for officials to process the visa issuance.  You will then receive an email confirming your visa application, if your application is accepted by the officials, they will send your visa through email, Uganda e Visa: Uganda Visa Requirements and Application Process

How Can I Check The Status Of My Uganda Tourist Visa?

To check the status of your Uganda Tourist Visa, go to the Uganda Immigration website.

Make sure you have your application identification number, passport number and date of birth ready.

How Long Does It Take To Process An Uganda eVisa?

Once you submit your application and pay the Visa fee, an immigration officer will review the application and decide whether to accept your application, this takes 2-3 business days. If approved an email with the Travel Authorization/ Approval letter will be sent to you. You must download it, print it and embark on your travel.

Can I Extend My Uganda Tourist Visa?

Upon arrival in Uganda, immigration official will stamp your passport for a maximum of one month, however at any immigration office in Uganda, you can get a fee 3 month visa extension.

You may be requested to present an official letter from a sponsor the hotel where you are staying in Kampala, if you overstay your visa, you will be penalized $100 daily.

Get ready for your safari adventure in Uganda.

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