Top things to do in Amboseli national park Kenya : Amboseli national park is such an amazing savanna park in Kenya and one of the most visited for wildlife lovers. Amboseli national park thrills in Kajiado County in border with Mount Kilimanjaro national park one of the Tanzania’s favorite park for those who wish to hike up the free standing volcano. Amboseli national park is drop backed by the Kilimanjaro mountain which is usually seen from the comfort of the traveler’s lodges depending on where one sleep and as long as the weather permits the view. The park consists of a beautiful savanna grassland and woodland which provides shelter to several park creatures including fauna and flora species that make the park very rewarding and worth a visit during your next Kenya safari. Amboseli national park is one of the parks that can be explored in 1 day starting and ending in Nairobi or Mombasa thus tourists with limited travel time can enjoy a 1 day adventure though it is better enjoyed for 2 or 3 days safari. Check out our safari itineraries that include in a safari to Amboseli national park. It is very easy to combine a safari to Amboseli national park with other nearby parks like Tsavo National park both Tsavo east national park, Tsavo west national park. It is as well easy to combine Amboseli national park with Lake Naivasha (Hell’s gate national park) and any other destinations in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley region.

Below are the top things to do in Amboseli national park / Top tourist activities;

  • Game Viewing,

For any savanna park in Kenya, game viewing and game drives are always the topmost things to do as a way of exploring the park in a 4×4 safari vehicle. Taking on a game drive in Amboseli national park enables tourists to enjoy the unbeaten experience as they encounter with abundant of park dwellers including different animals like Elephants, Wildebeests, Buffaloes, elands, Gazelles, Zebras, Topis, Giraffes,  and many more. Amboseli national park offers both early morning game drives and full day game drives. Thus opting for an entire day in the plains of Amboseli national park enables tourists to have an overwhelming experience as they encounter with the nocturnal animals and hunters early in the morning and late in the evening and they enjoy watching grazing animals during the day.

Top things to do in Amboseli national park Kenya
Game Drives in Amboseli
  • Walking safaris;

Apart from game drives, Amboseli national park as well offers best guided walking safaris as a way of getting closer to nature. This is not different from Game drives only that this time round, your vehicle is packed and you talk a walk to some hills, swamps and many other designated trails as you watch and feel the beautiful nature surrounding you.

  • Birding and bird watching;

Amboseli national park has over 400 recorded species of birds thus a bird lover has an opportunity to watch plenty of these birds in Amboseli national park. Some of the bird species to look out for in Amboseli national park include; Lilac breasted Roller which is the National bird for Kenya, Marabou stork, secretary bird, Heron, Falcon, Grey crowned crane, Chestnut sparrow, white browed coucal, Lesser kestrel, African jacana, African fish Eagle, Rufous-napped lark, steel-blue whydah, Shoebill stork, Laser and greater Flamingo bird, and long-toed lapwing to mention but a few. It is very easy to combine bird watching with game viewing reason being you will be spotting different bird species at any given period of time while on a game drive. However, the best time for biding and bird watching is during the months of October to December especially for those who wish to spot the migratory bird species otherwise any time can be birding time in Amboseli national park.

  • Photography and Filming;

Do you wish to have a filming and photography safari in Kenya, then look no further than taking on your safari in Amboseli national park where you will be able to record stunning features including the drop back of Mount Kilimanjaro. Tourists can film both the beautiful savanna of the park, the animals and the surroundings which all comes out with a memorable filming and photography adventure in Kenya as you capture those free grazing elephants as the sun goes down and many other adventurous attractions of the park.

  • Camping;

For nature lovers, Amboseli national park is a thrilling and fascinating park to explore if your major interest is to camp in the wild surrounded by nature and the skies. While at your campsite, you have an opportunity to spot nocturnal animals, and other animals as they graze in the night.

  • Masai community tour;

The Maasai are a major tribe in Kenya thus an opportunity to visit them is such a thrilling experience and probably a once in the lifetime experience. While visiting these Maasai people, tourists are able to interact and learn more about the culture of this strong tribe in Kenya, take part in their cultural practices like Milking, and enjoy their traditional performances.

  • Hot air balloon;

Taking on a Hot Air Balloon Safari is one of the best ways to have a memorable experience in Kenya during your safari to Amboseli national park.  Hot air balloon experience enables tourists to have an aerial view of the entire plains of Amboseli national park and the neighboring Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Hot air balloon in Amboseli national park sets off early in the morning at 6:00am thus by 5:30 am, all tourist should be ready for pick up from their respective lodges depending on where you will be sleeping the day before the hot air balloon safari. The balloon takes tourists on board to the plains of Amboseli national park where they have an opportunity to watch different wildlife species from above. The hot air balloon in Amboseli national park is operated by experienced pilot who takes clients up on an adventure to explore the park for a full 1 hour. The maximum number of passengers is 16 people per balloon but can be less depending on the size of the basket. Upon landing, tourists are offered a bush breakfast with a bottle of Champaign and a brief enroute game drive back to their respective lodges.

Top things to do in Amboseli national park Kenya
Hot air balloons in Amboseli


Amboseli national park is the second best savanna park in Kenya after Maasai Mara National reserve which is the leading savanna destination not only in Kenya but in East Africa.

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