Top Reasons for Visiting Samburu National Reserve : Samburu National Reserve is unique destination that is located in the northern Kenya along the Ewaso Ng’iro River. Samburu National Reserve has got the most vital reasons to why tourists should explore. The reserve has got the gorgeous riverine forests, palm groves in the midst of arid and semi-arid ecosystems that gives the reserve the magnificent and attractive landscape of Samburu National Reserve that provides the best wildlife of the reserve and hence making the tourists to highly visit the reserve.

Reasons for visiting Samburu National Reserve.

Amazing wildlife.

Samburu National Reserve is the landmark of the unique wildlife as these are called the special or the rare animal species that are only found in Samburu National Reserve as these include the Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, Gerenuk, Reticulated giraffe, Beisa Oryx these are such unique only in Kenya. Not only the rare animal species Samburu National Reserve has got the big five animal species as these include the lion, buffalo, elephant, rhino and leopard.

Top Reasons for Visiting Samburu National Reserve
Samburu Wildlife

Not only the above animal species being found in Samburu National Reserve, the reserve has got the most rare species in Kenya like the African wild dog, civet cat. And other animal species include the cheetah, olive baboon, Kirk’s dik-dik, water bucks and others. On a Kenya wildlife Safari, experience Samburu National Reserve to enjoy the most magical and unique wildlife in the reserve.

Samburu People.

Experiencing the Samburu people in Samburu National Reserve makes a Kenya safari to be complete this is where the tourists experience the Samburu people that live in the reserve, being the nomadic pastorists the Samburu are among the unique and few tribes in Kenya that have not yet got spoilt with the technology or the western culture.

On a Kenya safari the tourists enjoy the Samburu’s traditional lifestyle, like the rituals, tribal clothing, religious beliefs and the tourists enjoy visiting the Samburu caves full of the historical rock art. The Samburu people depend on the milk and blood as their diet, which is supported by the tubers, vegetables, roots. Samburu people as well have got the impressive dressing code that is the red cloth ‘’shukka’’ that they wrap themselves and a white sash, then with the many colour necklaces, earrings then bracelets in both the gender.

Tourists as well enjoy the Samburu dances inform of the circles, these are friendly and good people which makes the visitors on a cultural visit to feel free with them and they will feel like not leaving Samburu National Reserve.

Less visited.

Samburu National Reserve is less visited by the tourists, this gives the tourists the entire richness when explored like the exclusive feeling, unique species when visited by the tourist, this is because the strategy location of the reserve in northern Kenya and this is abit scattered that makes most of the tourists not to discover the area compared to the rest of the national parks and national reserves.

Samburu National reserve is the best safari destination for tourists who do not like the more crowded destinations in Kenya, where the tourists will explore the most of the wildlife in the reserve.

Top Reasons for Visiting Samburu National Reserve
Special Five in Samburu

Stunning landscape.

Samburu National reserve, not only being the land for  the unique landscape but the reserve has got the stunning landscape that is  beautiful which makes the reserve to be the best one in Kenya which  gives the best safari experience in terms of giving the tourists the best game viewing, excellent photography. The landscape being the stunning one it has got the features like the riverine forest, grassland vegetation, savannah, grassland, mountains, and acacia and among others that makes Samburu the most stunning one.

The reserve has the Ewaso Ng’iro river which contributes to the beauty of the landscape and also it provides the sighting of the wildlife along the shores of the river and the source of the sun horizons to  the reserve which gives the most magical experience for the tourists to enjoy, Samburu National reserve gives the best photogenic wildlife images and the gives the best photos  when they are shoot from the reserve which needs every tourist to have a visit and encounter the landscape of the reserve.

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