Top 10 Best Tourist Activities to do at Diani Beach : Discover the magnificent Diani beach, its activities, and the local attractions on and near the beach. Diani is the slice of paradise that marks the boundary where the African continent meets the enormous Indian Ocean. It has soft white sands, mild turquoise waters, and palm-lined alleys. It’s a lovely tropical beach resort where visitors may unwind for a few days after a wildlife safari in Kenya.

Diani is the perfect place in Kenya to escape the strain of everyday life. It is bordered by the magnificent Indian Ocean; soft white sands; lush vegetation; and the beautiful emerald blue that emerges from crystal-clear seas. It’s understandable why Diani Beach has been named the top beach destination in Africa for the past five years.

The warm Indian Ocean surrounds this south coast beach, which is 30 kilometers south of Mombasa city. There are a ton of beach resorts here to keep you comfortable while you’re there. Diani Beach has everything you would expect from a tropical paradise: soft, rolling sands ideal for sunbathing; clear waters ideal for snorkeling; and a wealth of wildlife to be seen. Visitors opt to travel and visit Diani for a few days at the conclusion of a wildlife safari in Kenya’s national parks such as Amboseli national park and Maasai mara national reserve, but it’s fantastic as a standalone escape too. It’s ideal for everyone, from families’ travelers, solo travelers, and honeymooners to couples.

What to do at Diani Beach? There are a ton of tourist activities/things to do at Diani Beach to make your safari holiday to this Kenya’s majestic beach enjoyable and a once in a lifetime experience. Here are some of the top tourist activities: Things to do in Diani Beach

Diving and snorkeling

All along Diani Beach, marine parks have been formed; these are regions of protected seas that preserve the environment and marine life. They’re fantastic for diving and snorkeling and definitely worth the trip. One of the few places in the world where reef shark sightings are common is Kenya. While diving beneath the surface, one can observe the endangered green and hawksbill turtles that live in these waters. Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera when you go.

One of the best locations in East Africa for water sports is Diani Beach. Whatever your pace or ability level, Diani has plenty to offer. Activities include kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding, and scuba diving.

Top 10 Best Tourist Activities to do at Diani Beach
Diani Beach

Beach walks

One of the best locations for long beach walks is Diani Beach. White sand beaches cover its shoreline, and there is nothing more relaxing than taking a long walk by the water to clear your head while taking in the fresh breeze. Watch the peaceful village life and be amazed by the stunning blue seas. At low tide, explore the shoreline and look for additional marine life in the pools the ocean has naturally created.

A visit to Colobus Conservation

You can have a guided walk through the woodland where a troop of Colobus monkeys live by going to the Diani Beach Colobus Conservation Center. Learn everything there is to know about the endangered primates and the work that Colobus Conservation conducts to protect them from poaching and traffic accidents. If you enjoy watching monkeys, you will be happy to see vert, Sykes, and baboons roaming about the grounds.

Camel ridding

A camel ride along the beach is a must-do activity when visiting Diani. The young ones enjoy it, and it has observed some terrified adults holding on to the camel as it lowers them precariously to the earth. The camel man may be found all along the beach as he walks its length throughout the day for 500 bobs, or $5, for 15 minutes.

Go Kitesurfing

 When the wind gets up, kite surfers may be seen everywhere along the shoreline of Diani Beach. Diani is one of the best sites in Kenya to kitesurf and learn to kitesurf due to its shallow waters and constant winds. Kenya is renowned for its historic maritime lanes and mainly depends on two winds: the Kaskazi, which blows over from India from December to April, and the Kusi, which rises from the south from April to September. Head over to Quest Kitesurfing at Diani Sea Lodge or H20 Extreme at Kenya ways. Both are excellent options for lunch and lodging.

Go Horse-riding

The “beach boys” will try to sell beach rides in the same way that the camel man strolls along the beach, but if you want a safe ride on well-kept horses, go to Kinondo Kwetu. All options: riding along the beach, taking a lesson in the paddock, or exploring the revered Kaya Forest are all options. This is a lovely activity to do at Diani Beach, but get there early because the heat may be as scorching as Hades.

Visit the Kongo Estuary and Kongo Mosque.

Where Diani borders Tiwi, is where the Kongo Estuary empties into the Indian Ocean. Little sandbars and tiny pools can be found in the estuary’s flat, calm waters, which are breathtakingly lovely. The best place in town to SUP (stand up paddleboard) is in this serene area. One of the less well-known activities in Diani is a visit to the 16th century Kongo Mosque, the last intact historic Swahili building in the city.

Visit The Kaya Kinodo sacred forest

Ten distinct forested areas, mostly on low slopes, varying in size from 30 to around 300 ha, are dispersed along Kenya’s beaches over a distance of about 200 km. These are the remaining portions of the Mijikenda community’s towns, the Kayas. The Mijikenda people group has maintained the timberland surrounding the more than thirty persisting Kayas to ensure that the sacred groves and forests—the only parts of the once-broad seashore marsh woods—are conserved.

Explore Fort Jesus.

Diani Beach and Fort Jesus can be reached in a short amount of time by car. It is a historic tourist destination that Spanish King Philip II and Portuguese King Philip 1 established in 1593. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012. The fort, which still stands on a prong of coral, tells the story of how the Portuguese once controlled the Indian Ocean’s shipping lanes.

A visit to boro-bora Wildlife Park

It is a natural preserve that stretches along Diani Beach Road and is only one kilometer from the ocean. You can leisurely stroll through the facilities and get a chance to get up close to some of Kenya’s most famous native animals.

Other Tourist activities: things to do at Diani beach includes

Skydiving: Diani Beach is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, and skydiving down to the beach has grown to be a popular activity among visitors who want to take in the vista from a 12,000-foot perspective.

Top 10 Best Tourist Activities to do at Diani Beach
Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing: Fish availability during deep-sea fishing is influenced by the time of year, water temperature, and available bait. The optimum time to go on this trip is from September to April, when the majority of fish are active.

Glass Boat Tours: For those who want to stay dry but still want to enjoy the vast environment, glass boat tours are a fantastic day out. View schools of vibrant fish swimming under you as you sail in a glass-bottom boat. Learn about marine life and regional Indian Ocean myths from the tour guides.

When is the best time to visit Diani Beach?

Diani Beach is best visited between December and March and June and September. The weather is ideal in these months. There is a lot of hot, sunny weather and little rain. While October and November are bright but extremely humid, April and May are primarily damp and humid. The average water temperature of the Indian Ocean, which ranges from 26 to 29 degrees Celsius, is quite warm all year round.

How to get to Diani Beach:

Traveling by flight from Nairobi Wilson Airport to the Ukunda Airstrip is the most convenient way to reach Diani Beach. It is a quick and affordable choice. Flying from Nairobi’s International Airport to Mombasa and then taking a taxi to Diani Beach are more options.

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