Tips for Visiting Ngare Ndare forest Reserve  : Ngare Ndare forest is a lush indigenous forest at the northern foothills of Mount Kenya and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, it is known that the Ngare Ndare forest is the only indigenous forest in Kenya with the expanding canopy cover, and some ancient African Olive and Red Cedar trees within it are thought to be around 20 years old. Ngare Ndare is very critical corridor for the Kenya wildlife safari that is the various bird species and the animal species. Ngare Ndare forest is located beyond the past Timau, Meru Kenya.

Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve Activities.

The Canopy walkway at Ngare Ndare Forest.

The canopy walkway at the Ngare Ndare forest, here the tourists enjoy experiencing the wildlife of the forest inclusive the various magnificent colourful bird species floating from tree to tree and animal species like the elephants down below. The tourists usually enjoy the canopy walkway because it quite anice one, during the end of the bridge there is a nice wooden deck overlooking the forest.

Tips for Visiting Ngare Ndare forest Reserve
Canopy Walks in Ngare

Ngare Ndare Hiking Trail.

Ngare Ndare forest is a hiking destination, the hiking safari here is quite easier than the Mount Longonot, and the guests here are always welcomed to the plunge into the freezing waters of the main waterfall and pool, provided when the hikers are good swimmers, Tips for Visiting Ngare Ndare forest Reserve .

The Blue Pools and Waterfalls of Ngare Ndare forest.

Viewing the blue waters is the highlight for everyone who visits the Ngare Ndare Forest, the blue waters and the waterfalls makes the forest to be considered mostly by the tourists during a Kenya Safari compared to any other forest in Kenya.

Mountain Bike Challenge.

Mountain Bike challenge happens once a year in Ngare Ndare that hosts the 10 to 4 Race, the bicycle race is a great for pros, but also for the amateurs or even, but there is a variety of different paths and lengths for different levels of the expertise.

Ngare Ndare Entrance and Guide Fees.

The residents and the Kenyan adult citizens visiting the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve pay Ksh 2,000 per day to gain entrance to the forest, pools, canopy walkway, while the non-residents adults pay Ksh 4000. Then the children between the ages of 10 and 15 pay half of the adult’s prices. In addition, there is a Ksh 1000 guide/ranger fee and a Ksh 500 car entry fee per group.

Camping charges, if you opt camping inside the forest, the charges for that are Ksh 3000 per person for the residents and citizens, Ksh 5000 for the non-residents and Ksh 1000 for the armed ranger, as the children pay the pay of the adult’s price.

Best time to visit Ngare Ndare Forest reserve.

The best time to visit the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve is during the dry seasons which generally fall between the months of June to October and as well December to March. With climate change happening, during the dry seasons, the roads leading to the forest are more easily accessible (especially if you do not have a 4×4 vehicle) and the pools maintain a beautiful turquoise blue colour while during the rainy season, they have a brown hue and a 4×4 vehicle is necessary to navigate the roads, Tips for Visiting Ngare Ndare forest Reserve .

The opening of the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve is from Sunday to Saturday from 12:00AM to 11:59PM.

Nature of the roads conditions to Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve.

The roads conditions from Nairobi to Nanyuki town are excellent and well paved, you only start to go off-road about 11 km away from the forest. It is still a significant amount of driving so if you are travelling during the rainy season, then a 4 wheel drive is unquestionably mandatory, the road to the Ngare Ndare forest is mostly preferred during the dry season as well.

Tips for Visiting Ngare Ndare forest Reserve
Ngare Ndare forest Reserve

Where to stay in the Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve.

Camping is the most available accommodation in the Ngare Ndare forest reserve though if you do not like camping there are various accommodation facilities that are outside the forest which also provides accommodation facilities for the guests, as these are categorized into Budget, Mid-range and the Luxury such the Bessotted Farmstay, Penguin House, Alba Hotel Meru, Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, Le Rustique and many more.

How to get to Ngare Ndare forest Reserve.

Ngare Ndare forest reserve is located about 4 to 5 hours North from Nairobi about 235km to the forest. If you want to rent a car for at least two-wheel-drive or a 4×4 car, it takes you Ksh 3,500 (35 USD).

And in a rainy season, you may need a 4×4 car, if you don’t want the disruption of the rain, because the roads are not good.

On the Public transport.

Public transport is another option this is by getting the matatu (a minibus ) from Nairobi to Nanyuki which is about Ksh 400-500 or 4 to 5 USD per person, and once you reach Nanyuki, getting a local taxi to Ngare Ndare forest is about 30 USD to take you there and pick you back in one or two days.

Renting a car for two nights=70 USD and fuel (about 30 USD) =100 USD (as you also need to visit nearby Borana and Lewa Conservancies

Getting a matatu and a taxi from Nanyuki for two people there and back=5 USD X+ 30 USD= 50 USD (but then you only have feet to take you places).

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