The Sempaya Hot Springs in Semliki national park: Sempaya Hot Springs are one of the major tourist attractions in Semliki national park which is situated in the far western part of Uganda in border with Ituri forest that borders both Uganda the pearl of Africa and Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. Semliki national park was gazette in the year 1932 as a forest reserve to protect its stunning fauna and flora and later on in 1993 it was then declared a national park covering a land area of about 220 Square Kilometers standing at an altitude of about 670 M to 760M above the sea level. Semliki national park is one of the best parks in Uganda that protects the country’s tropical forest that harbor abundant of wildlife including primates, mammals, birds, butterflies and many more creatures that call this forest their home without forgetting the [ark’s major attractions the Sempaya hot springs.

The common ethnic groups of people that resides near and around Semliki national park include the Bakonjo who basically cultivate along the slopes of Rwenzori Mountain ranges to earn a living, the Bwamba who reside at the base of Rwenzori mountain ranges, the Batuku who are famous cattle keepers in the area and finally the Batwa also known as the pygmies who basically depend of hunting and gathering.

Back to the Sempaya hot springs;

During the visit to these sempaya hot springs, tourists have a great chance of listing to the origin of these hot springs which locals think that their existence is mysterious and came after the disappearance of a great hunter and the wife. The story about this is so fascinating and worth to listen to once you get an opportunity to make your way to these sempaya hot springs.

Scientifically, sempaya hot springs are geographical features that came about as a result of geothermal heat that boils the water underground and then forces this heated water to gush out to the earth’s surface through a tiny rock creating a steamy vapor. The most fascinating thing about these sempaya hot springs is that they can be visited on a half day adventure thus can be combined with a safari to the nearby fortpotal like a tour to kibale forest national park for chimpanzee trekking, kasese to Queen Elizabeth national park or even a hike to Rwenzori mountain ranges among others.

The sempaya hot springs are the major attractions of the park and with these, tourists have increased in number to watch this beautiful gesture of the waterfalls in this park though the park as well have a lot of other tourist activities to do such as birding, primate viewing and many more.

The sempaya hot springs are divided into 2 the female hot springs that are seen bubbling up from underneath through a tinny hole that then demonstrates a subterranean force as it forces itself out making them more fascinating to watch than the male hot springs.

The female hot spring: This is the most fascinating of the 2 hot sempaya hot springs in Semliki national park and it is located a few minutes’ walk from the park headquarters deep through the forest to get to this mighty hot spring. The female hot spring is as well-known as “Nyansimbi” which literally means the god of wealth and it is a sacred place for the females where women can visit and pray to god for the fruit of womb. Once at this female hot springs, tourist are rewarded with a spectacular view of the steamy hot water that boils to over 100 degrees Celsius and the fact is that the water at the female hot spring boils an egg in a few minutes. Try it out during your next visit. In case you forget to carry own egg, just let the park official know, they will be able to sell some eggs which you will boil and enjoy.

However much the female hot springs are the most visited and most beautiful features of the park, male hot springs are as well a great attraction to visit though situated far and require almost an hour walk to get there. Along the trail to the male hot springs, tourists have a great opportunity to encounter with several wildlife including primate species like red tailed monkey, and many more.

The Sempaya Hot Springs in Semliki national park

Other things to do in Semliki national park,

Apart from visiting the Sempaya hot springs, Semliki national park is a great safari destination for other different activities including birding. In fact, this park is one of the important birding areas in Uganda with over 450 bird species recorded out of which there are over 60% of the entire forest birds that thrill in Uganda. The park as well is a home to over 40% of the entire population of birds in the country. Some of the bird species to look out for in the park include Guinea-Congo biome species, Hornbills, blue-billed malimbe, Cuckoo and many more.

Other than birding, tourists can as well enjoy game drives to the savanna part of the park with an opportunity to encounter with plenty of animals including Buffaloes, Bush pigs, forest elephants, warthogs, pygmy hippos, mongoose, waterbucks and many other animals that thrill in the park. There is also an opportunity to enjoy cultural tours where different ethnic groups can be visited to learn more about the life style of the locals in this region.

Getting to Sempaya hot springs in Semliki national park;

Getting to Semliki national park to visit the sempaya hot springs can be achieved in 2 ways including by road and by air.

By road, tourist take a road drive either direct from Kampala to Semliki national park via fortpotal which is the shortest route possible taking about 5 hours’ drive.

Optionally, tourists can as well use a longer route from Kampala via Masaka – Mbarara – and finally to Kasese then connect to Semliki national park to explore the Sempaya Hot springs. This takes about 8 hour’s drive. The only advantage of this longer route is that it enables tourists to have a stopover at some safari destinations like Lake Mburo national park, Equator and if possible Queen Elizabeth national park all situated along the way.

There is as well an option of taking a flight either a chartered flight or a scheduled flight from Entebbe to the airstrip in Kasese and then connect by road to the park headquarters of Semliki national park for an excursion to the Sempaya hot springs.


“Sempaya hot springs are such beautiful and fascinating tourist attractions to explore during your next Uganda safari to the western part of the country. Get in touch with us and let us plan your next adventure to the mighty SEMPAYA HOT SPRINGS”

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