The Largest Lake in East Africa : Lake Victoria is the East Africa’s largest lake even not only the East Africa but the Africa’s largest lake by area, it is also known as the largest tropical lake and the world’s second-largest fresh water lake by surface area after Lake Superior in North America. Lake Victoria is a largest safari tourism destination known for many names, for example here are some of the names in the local languages like Nam Lolwe (Dholuo), Nnalubaale (Luganda), Nyaza (Kinyarwanda), Ukerewe (undetermined). Lake Victoria is situated in the Eastern central Africa, bordered by the countries like Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

Lake Victoria is the greatest lake  in the world and it is renowned for its spectacular beauty, lush tropical islands and the beautiful beachside hotels and resorts, however there are over 200 fish species in Lake Victoria which makes the lake a sought after destination for a fishing safari in Africa.

The Largest Lake in East Africa
Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria supports the largest inland fishing industry of Africa, with the most indigenous species like haplochromine cichlids, tilapia and among others, also the foreign species can be found like the Nile perch, elephant fish, marbled lungfish, silver butter catfish and among others.

Lake Victoria is also rich in history and has a substantial number of the heritage sites and also known as the significant archaeological site, the vast network of the islands not only that Lake Victoria also  offers bird watching safari and its known as the home of the most incredible bird species hence making the lake region a birder’s paradise.

Uganda do operates the major hydroelectric dams on Lake Victoria to generate hydro-electricity so Lake Victoria is such important in Uganda because the electricity generated in the entire country is done at Lake Victoria hence the lake develops the country through being the main source of the electricity.

The tourists visiting Lake Victoria, has increased over the years due to the fact that the region is gaining from the improved infrasture and an increase in the investimate in the hospitality and friendly industry, the tourists are always given the accommodation in the Lake Victoria basin that ranges from the rustic fishing camps to the private resorts, safari lodges and the very modern hotels.

Lake Victoria is a unique safari destination with a great number of the islands including the Bumber island, Bugaia island, Bugala island, Bulingugwe island, Buvuma island, Damba island, IIemba island, Kiringiti island, Koome island, Maboko island, Mageta island, Mfangano island, Migingo island, Nabuyongo island, Ndere island, Pyramid island, Rubondo island, Rusinga island, Ssese islands, Sumba island, Ukara island, Ukerewe island, Yuweh island and among others, these  increases the  tourism in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania because of the various activities and attractions that are given by the different islands.

Lake Victoria is the largest freshwater lake on the continent, the site of one of the best hidden islands in the world, the origin of the Nile River. Lake Victoria is such a stunning and has got the beautiful expanse of the water, it covers an area of 68,800 square kilometers ad 3,440 kilometer long shoreline. Lake Victoria is an important transport route linking the East African States and is a reservoir for the at least four hydropower stations along the Nile, it provides water for the industrial and domestic use, and regulates the local climate in the area.

Lake Victoria, being the most attraction safari worldwide the geologists estimates that lake Victoria could be over than 400,000 years old and its volume is dependent on the rain and evaporation, and therefore its size affects the climate change, and studies push a head saying that the Lake completely disappeared some 17, 300 years ago and refilled 14,700 years later. Currently Lake Victoria is a great tourism destination in all the three countries that are shared by the lake that is Kenya, Uganda Tanzania, the tourists do immerse themselves in its breathtaking natural beauty.

The Largest Lake in East Africa
The Largest Lake in East Africa

Lake Victoria is so attractive to everyone with the most awesome creatures, Lake Victoria and the 84 Ssese islands scattered on its waters is a home to an amazing biodiversity that is fauna and flora and at the close to the shores the tourists can spot the hippos while in the shallows and the crocodiles looking for their prey do not miss out arranging your safari to Lake Victoria because it explains what East Africa means to everyone.

Best time to visit Lake Victoria.

Though the humidity remains the primarily in the forested areas around the lake, and the most guests find it cooler June through August to be the most comfortable months for the touring the Africa’s Lake Victoria.

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