The best time to visit Uganda: In case you have ever wondered about what could be the best time to visit Uganda the Pearl of Africa, then here is the article that will probably help you choose the best time to take on your Africa safari to Uganda. Uganda is situated in the East African region neighboring Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRCongo and South Sudan of which almost share the same climatic conditions thus the best time to visit Uganda could the best time to as well visit its neighboring countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and DRCongo depending on what one wishes to do.

Generally, Uganda can be visited all year round but it all entirely depend on what exactly one wishes to do and see during their safari. In instance if your dream safari is Gorilla trekking, mountain climbing, and nature walks, you will then need to plan your Uganda safari in dry season when the trails are dry and passable.

However, if you are a birder and the major reason for your visit to Uganda is basically birding safari, you will then need to think of visiting during the rainy season where you have an opportunity to spot the migratory bird species. Rainy season is as well suitable for water lovers so if you wish to visit the water falls, rainy season will offer you the best experience ever.

Uganda is not compared to European countries which have 4 seasons including winter, summer, autumn and spring. Uganda has on 2 seasons including the rainy season also known as the wet season and the dry season.

During the rainy/ wet season, Uganda the pearl of Africa experiences the rain fall and it is this time that the farmers are seen actively planting their crops. Different regions in Uganda experience different rainy seasons with some parts receiving only 1 rainy season, others 2 seasons and others 3 rainy seasons all year round. However, the wet seasons in Uganda are not so bad in that even after the morning downpour, you can be able to enjoy some sunshine in the afternoon and probably receive some rain in the evening. During the wet season, Uganda receives low temperatures thus tourists are advised to carry warm jumpers/ sweaters to keep warm without forgetting a rain jacket and an umbrella where necessary. Wet season covers months of March, April, May, October and November.

During this season, Uganda has the most beautiful and stunning vegetation cover best for photography. However, the challenge with this season is that it is very difficult to driver through during the adventure especially inside national parks so only 4×4 safari vehicles can be used to have the game drive and sincerely expect to have a stunning adventure with all fresh vegetation cover, grazing mammals and hunters also on a search for their meal. Those who head out for gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking are lucky that during wet season these primates tend to remain closer since there is a lot to eat unlike during dry season when these primates enter deep into the forest thus tourists have to have long forest walks to get to these primates. ¬†However, the trails in the park are very muddy and slippery making it very difficult to walk through the jungle in search of the gorillas and chimpanzees during the trek. During this wet season, some lodge reduce their rates though do not expect any reduction in the gorilla trekking permits, Chimpanzee trekking permits or entrance fees.

The best time to visit Uganda the pearl of Africa
Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale

On the other hand, during the dry season, Uganda receives high temperatures though not very hot to scare you. In fact, during dry season, Uganda receives the highest population of tourist as compared to during wet season. Dry season covers the months of December, January, February, June, July, August and September and these as well the best months where Uganda welcomes several tourists to an extent that all accommodations tend to be fully booked, the gorilla permits sold out thus tourists who wish to visit Uganda during these months are always advised to ensure that all their reservations are made as early in advance as possible.

During this season, you will surely enjoy good weathers, dry and passable roads, the vegetation is minimal for easy wildlife viewing. However, the primates like Mountain gorillas and Chimpanzees tend to move so deep in the forest making the treks so long to get them unlike during wet season. During this season, accommodation tend to hike their costs but not so high to stop you from enjoying your memorable safari in Uganda.


Whichever season you choose to visit Uganda, the experience is rewarding and worth it. Let us plan your next Africa safari to Uganda and any other destinations including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and DRCongo.

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