Tanzania Activities to do in Arusha National Park : Arusha national park is a remarkable Tanzania wildlife destination located in the north-eastern Tanzania and closely located near Arusha Town just next to the Kenya border, this park is a very accessible park situated in a 35 kilometers drive from Arusha Town which where most Tanzania safari to Arusha national park begin from.

Arusha national park covering an area of 552 square kilometers is a very interesting Tanzania safari destination encompassing of Mount Meru a volcanic cane with a spectacular crater at the top. The park is comprises of a delightfully diverse landscape raging from the spectacular Meru crater funnels, Jekukumia river and the peak of the Mount Meru in the west, Ngurdoto crater in the south and the shallow alkaline Momella lakes of various algal colors in the north-east.

Arusha national park an interesting for Tanzania wildlife safari destination with many amazing Tanzania safari activities to do and these include

Game drives

Arusha national park is a classic destination for Tanzania wildlife safaris, the park is a home to a variety of wildlife species which are watched using various tracks running through the park. Game drives in Arusha national park  using 4X4 wheel vehicles with open windows and pop up roofs and as you drive through various vegetation zones of the park lookout for animals such as zebras, giraffes, warthogs, hippos, waterbucks, elephants, bush pigs, red duikers, buffaloes  and many more.

Tracks used game drives in Arusha national park run through the Serengeti Ndogo “Little Serengeti” which is the best site for game viewing in this park, the little Serengeti is a small patch of open grassland situated just north of the Ngongongare gate. In the little Serengeti you will have an opportunity to spot most of animal species found in Arusha national park.

Tanzania Activities to do in Arusha National Park
Tanzania Activities to do in Arusha National Park

Mount climbing

Arusha National Park is one of the best destinations for Tanzania mountain climbing safaris and in this park, mount Meru is climbed. Mount Meru is the second tallest mountain in Tanzania standing at the altitude of 4566 meters above the sea level, though it is not as famous as Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru offers rewarding mount climbing experience consisting of a dramatic walk along the knife- like edge of the crater rim.

Mount Meru starts its steep rise from a circular base of 20 kilometers across at 2000 meters, has broken walls at about 2500 meters and Africa’s tallest cliffs in the inner walls below the summit which are more than 1500 meters high. Mount Meru has a spectacular volcanic cone in the crater which is encountered during your Tanzania mountain climbing safari.

Climbing Mount Meru is done using Momella route which is the only route leading up to the summit of the mountain, this route starts from the Momella gate on the eastern side of the Mountain and leads up to the summit along the northern arm of the horseshoe crater.

Climbing mountain Meru using Momella route can comfortably be done 4 days and 3 nights.


Arusha national park is a very rewarding destination for Tanzania birding safaris, the park is endowed with a huge bird population consisting of 400 bird species. Arusha National Park has comprises of some of the best birding sites that are the rift valley and the alkaline Momella lakes which are fed by 7 springs, these areas attract a variety of birds including the fascinating flamingoes which crowd the shores of the Momella lakes because of the varying mineral content found in the lake. Each of the Momella lakes supports a different type of algal growth which results into different colors of the waters and distinct birds.

During a your fascinating Tanzania bird watching safari in Arusha national park except to watch a number of color birds such as flamingoes, African fish eagle, African olive pigeon, Augur buzzard, Bar-tailed trogon, Bearded vulture, Black saw-wing, Cinnamon-chested bee-eater, Egyptian goose, Great crested grebe, Hartlaub’s turaco, Little grebe, Narina trogon, Peregrine falcon, Red-fronted parrot, Scaly francolin, Silvery-cheeked hornbill, Southern pochard, Tawny eagle, Verreaux’s eagle among others.

Birding in Arusha national park is good throughout the year, though the best time for birding is best done in the period from November to April when migratory bird species arrive in the park from  Europe and north Africa.

Walking safaris

Arusha national park is one of the exceptional Tanzania safari destinations where walking safaris are permitted, walking safaris offer visitors of the park an opportunity to explore the rich wilderness inhabited in the park on foot. One of the best places to do walking safaris in Arusha national park   is the Ujambo Wa Mbogo “buffalo glade”, this area is comprises of marsh, bushes and streams which are feeding ground for buffaloes, giraffes, warthogs and many other species of animals inhabiting in the park. There are several trails passing below Mount Meru which are used during walking safaris in Arusha national park and they include The Ngurdoto crater rim trail and The walk to Njeku Viewpoint in the Meru crater floor.


Canoeing is an exciting activity in Arusha national park offered at Momella Lake, canoeing is one of the amazing Tanzania safari activities to enjoy in the park. This activity is done in a canoe and as you sail on the calm blue waters of the park you will be able to watch animals such as buffaloes, bush backs, giraffes, hippos and many birds on the shores of the lake such as giant kingfishers, cattle egrets, storks among others.

Canoeing safaris in Arusha national park usually commences as early as 07:30 am every morning and  04:00 pm every evening and they last for about 2 to 2 and a half hours.


Arusha national park is situated in a distance of about 35 kilometers northeast of Arusha and from Arusha it is a drive of about 40 minutes drive and about 1 hour drive from Kilimanjaro international airport. As an international traveler/tourist direct flights to perfect gateway to use to get Arusha national park is the Mount Kilimanjaro international airport which is in a distance of 46 kilometers from the park.

Road transport is the commonly used means of transport to get to Arusha national park for a safari, the main route from Arusha to the park is between Arusha and Moshi  and is about 10 kilometers north to the Ngongongare gate where park fees are paid and 14 kilometers from Momella gate .


In Arusha national park there are a variety of accommodation facilities (safari lodges, tented camps and camps) offering accommodation and all the necessary facilities and services to tourists visiting the park for a Tanzania safari.  Arusha National Park ranges from Luxury, midrange and budget and they include Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge, The Africa Tulip, Arusha Serena Hotel, Resort & Spa, Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge, Momella wildlife lodge, Mount Meru game lodge, Hatari lodge among others offering a home away from home.

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