Shimba Hills Reserve in Northern Kenya : Shimba hills national reserve is located about 33 kilometers, 20 miles south from Mombasa. It is a tiny wilderness worth visiting on your magical Kenya safari, offering breathtaking views as well as sights of the stunning waterfalls found in the middle of a thick equatorial forest. It offers a cool relaxed atmosphere that offers great relief from the higher temperatures experienced along the Indian Ocean shoreline during your coastal tour.

Shimba Hills national reserve attained it’s protected status in 1903 when the National Forest decided to gazette the Shimba Hills as a national reserve. In 1924, some of neighboring areas to the demarcated reserve area was added to it increasing its total land area. After sometime, a couple of other wildlife habitats was added onto this protected area forming the current Shimba Hills National Reserve.

This reserve currently sits at a 400 meters above the ocean level and rests at a higher altitude that the Mombasa beaches. The cool winds from the ocean maintain the reserve refreshing and the temperatures very conducive. The highland terrain are surrounded by mist. The clouds very early in the morning, forming an exciting environment for an exceptional typical African holiday.

Shimba Hills Reserve in Northern Kenya
Shimba Waterfall

Wildlife in Shimba Hills National Reserve

The highland climate of Shimba Hills Reserve in northern kenya  favors the thriving of more than 1,100 species of plants, which attract a profusion of wildlife, including Harvey’s duikers, giraffes, bushbucks, elephants and zebras among several other herbivores that feed on the verdant vegetation.

Inside the forests areas are a number of tree climbers including various primates such as Vervet monkeys, Syke’s monkeys and colobus monkeys. Although there are not any large or renowned predators within this reserve, you may be very lucky see servals, genet and civet cats along with a couple of other small carnivorous hunters especially if you are spending a longer time within the park. Among the other species listed within this reserve, include approximately 230 avi-fauna, like the African hawks, hornbills, guinea-fowls, fish eagles plus falcons, among others

The smallest wildlife dwellers are adequately represented, here, and there are over 290 species of butterflies among other several types of insects like armies of safari ants and beetles. A healthy population of smaller mammals including snakes, frogs, other reptiles as well as amphibians. However, the Roan plus sable antelopes are the most sought after animals in this reserve.

In addition, the Shimba Hills National Reserve offers shelter to breeding herd of all these lovely animals. The Male sables are hard to see considering they normally live in isolation while the females stay in small groups, which make it rather easy to find and see them.

Shimba Hills Reserve in Northern Kenya
Sable Antelope

Game Drives and Nature Walks

These offer you an opportunity to explore the hidden areas in Shimba Hills Reserve and see the wildlife living there. Regardless of whether you wish to see large mammals moving around or see the small creatures, the game drives and nature walks will offer you an opportunity to enjoy the eco-system of Shimba Hills Reserve.

The landscape of this reserve includes several amazing natural features making it ‘African-Mecca’ which we recommend should be one of your must visit destinations on your Kenya safari. Among these are the beautiful Sheldrick Waterfalls, which present a charming setting for swimming in the natural pool and enjoying picnics. You may also enjoy a cultural experience in this area by visiting the local people of the Duruna tribe as well as Digo tribe living adjacent to the reserve.

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