Safari guide for Serengeti national park

Safari guide for Serengeti national park: this guide elaborates some of important information one ought to know while planning a safari to Serengeti national park that includes the highlights of things to do and see, how to get to the park, the diet, the packing list, best tour operator, where to stay and many more.

What is the park entrance fees for Serengeti national park?

This fee is paid per person per day before accessing the park, the more the days, the more the money and it is also charged depending on the age of the tourists. Children below the age of 5 years are permitted to access Serengeti national park for free while children above 5 years but below the age of 16 pay $30 per day per person and the adults that is the people above 16 years pay $60 per day per person.

Packing list for Serengeti national park safari

Worried of what to pack for your Serengeti safari, worry not as this guide got you covered with the basic information about the requirements you need to pack for a successful safari and these include;

  • First and for most, you need to ensure that your luggage follow into the weight offered by the plane otherwise additional charges apply for the extra kilograms and this applies for international flights. However chatter flights offer space for the luggage that weighs between 12kilogrammes to 15 kilograms. 
  • Since Serengeti national park is a savanna park, pack both light and warm clothes all in dull colors as you will need the warm clothes during early mornings and late evening then require light clothes during the day as the weather tends to be hot and you require some fresh air.
  • Pack  pairs of socks or you may opt to buy them in Tanzania upon arrival
  • Light and appropriate shoes that are comfortable to walk with and some open shoes to wear during the game drive while seated in the car in case you don’t prefer spending a full day in closed shoes
  • Sun glasses and a cap to protect your eyes and the head from direct sunlight while on a safari
  • Did I mention a camera? This is the most important tool that should never miss out in every traveler’s bag to capture the entire memorials while on safari.
  • For birders, a pair of binoculars is an essential for a successful safari to Serengeti national park
  • Sun screens to protect your perfect body from direct sunburns
  • A water bottle to carry water during the safari though there is always bottled water for drinking

Getting to Serengeti national park

Planning a safari to Serengeti national park and wondering how best you can access the park, here is all the basic information that explains how to get to the park using different means such as by road and by air.

By road, there are some factors that determine the route to use in order to access Serengeti national park and these include; the locations, what you need to see along the way and the locations of accommodations where to stay inside the park. From Arusha, upon landing, your safari guide picks you up and start the journey to Serengeti national park with stopovers as always stated in your itinerary with major stopovers being at Ngorongoro crater where most tourists spend a night before proceeding to Serengeti national park for hotel check in and proceed with the safari in the park. A 4×4 safari vehicle is recommended for this road drive to the park. 

By air, opting for a flight implies that upon landing in Arusha, you board a charter flight to Serengeti national park where you meet your safari driver waiting for you to pick you up and start your Serengeti safari. This is the shortest means to get to the park you may miss a lot of attractions along the way as compared to a traveler who opts for a road drive however you all get to your destination.

What to see and do in Serengeti national park

Upon arrival in Serengeti national park by whichever way whether by road or by air, there is a whole lots of things awaiting you to see and do and these include;

What to see in Serengeti national park: This safari guide to Serengeti national park includes some of the things to see while on a visit to Serengeti national park. There is a lot to spot in the open plains of Serengeti national park and the fast and foremost is a huge number of wildebeests distributed in every part of the park, the pride of lions with the Kopjes and amidst other mammals as they hunt for food, wallowing hippos in the hippo pools, other mammals to look for in the park include; Elephants, Zebra, elands, gazelles, cheetahs, leopards, impalas, warthogs, rhinos, watch several species of birds such as Lovebirds, starlings, ducks, ostriches, flamingos, Guinea fowl, pigeons, bustard birds, turacos, nightjars, cuckoos, cranes, Lapwings, Jacanas., skimmers, pelicans, storks, secretary birds, Eagles, kites, warblers, Greenbul, woodpeckers, bee-eaters, weaverbirds among others, butterflies, reptiles,  and explore the entire park at large.

Top things to do while on a safari to Serengeti national park: This safari guide outlines some of the major things to do while on a Tanzania safari to Serengeti national park and these include;

  • Experience the great wildebeest migration
  • Enjoy a hot air balloon safari
  • Grab game drive safaris booth morning, evening, full day and night game drives
  • Relax at a hippo pool in Seronera
  • Explore Kopjes to watch the pride of lions
  • Enjoy night camping in the wilderness of Serengeti national park
  • Take on a guided walking safari
  • Enjoy a romantic bush breakfast

Diet while on a safari to Serengeti national park

Serengeti national park offers delicious meals to their tourists at different lodges, hotels and camping site though it’s always important to inform the lodge in advance about any special meals for tourists who enjoy specific meals to avoid disappointments at the last moment when you have no choice of food to eat on the menu presented before you. The meals are always inclusive on the accommodation fees and they include breakfast, lunch and dinner so there is no need to pay for accommodation and sleep hungry.

 Accommodations in Serengeti national park

This safari guide highlights some of the accommodations to stay during a safari to Serengeti national park. Serengeti national park has plenty of accommodation facilities with hotels, lodges and camping grounds that vary in their costs depending on the amenities and the seasons. Examples include; Serengeti Sopa, Serengeti Serena lodge, Mwiba lodge, Ndutu lodge, Singita Sabora, Serengeti bush tops, Lamai Serengeti lodge, Migration camp,  Namiri plains, Alex Walkers serian, Singita tented camp, Kirurumu tented camp,  Dunia camp, Serengeti house, Serengeti under canvas, Kusini tented camp, Grumeti camp,  Legendary tented camp, Sayari camp, Serengeti safari camp, Ehlane plains camp, 4 seasons hotel among others well distributed in different parts of Serengeti national park.

The best time to visit Serengeti national park

Since Serengeti national park is a savanna park, every season is best but this safari highlights different things to sight during different seasons.

The months of January to March are best seasons to watch a huge herd of wildebeests and other mammals in the southern part of Serengeti national park. This is also the calving season of the wildebeests after returning from Masai Mara national reserve in general, rainy seasons are the best seasons for tourists who wish to watch the wildebeests. It’s also the best season for birding while the dry months from June to October are good for walking safari, game drives and camping when the vegetation is short and the park is abit dry. During heavy rains, Serengeti national park becomes the worst destination for any safari due to the fact that even the lodges tend to close up and water for the water levels to reduce but the good chance is that the heavy rains don’t last longer.

Safari guide for Serengeti national park
Safari guide for Serengeti national park

Tour operators

If you panning a safari to Serengeti national park, try to book it with the trusted and registered tour operator like “Focus East Africa Tours” that will take you to a thrilling safari not only to Serengeti national park but to entire Tanzania and the rest of East Africa region including Uganda the pearl of Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Other reliable tour operators include; Achieve Global safaris and Explore Rwanda Tours.

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