Saadani National Park is one of the most exciting national parks to explore and get to have some of the most thrilling times in the wild, the national park is known as the best breeding site for the endangered green sea turtles in the republic of Tanzania.

The park is a protected mangrove forest located along the Indian Ocean in Tanzania, this game park was first gazette as a game reserve in 1962, and later it was officially established as a national park in 2002.

Saadani National Park covers a total surface area of about 1,062 and it comprises a unique ecosystem such as; scattered palm trees, mangrove forests, Wami River, tall and short savannah grasslands and many others that act as good natural habitats for many animals.

Saadani National Park is a beautiful destination for one to get an adventurous safari while in the country because it is home to plenty of marine life and many wildlife species that can be spotted during various safari activities.

Tourist Attractions in Saadani National Park.

There are so many attractions found within Saadani National Park, which also contribute a lot to the interest of many individuals to wish to visit this park, some of these attractions include the following below;


The park is home to over 250 bird species and these birds are categorized into different types such as; migratory birds, riverine and marine birds therefore, touring around this game park grants individuals opportunities to sightsee many birds such as; the Goliath heron, lesser flamingoes, kestrel, little bittern, Pel’s fishing owl, purple heron, mangrove kingfisher, bateleur eagle, lanner falcon, African skimmer, African cuckoo hawk, long crested eagle and many others.


Saadani National Park is ranked as a great safari destination in the country because it is home to numerous wildlife that sightseers can explore through various safari activities and some of these animals; are lions, elephants, buffalos, wildebeests, hartebeests, reedbucks, spotted hyenas, sable antelopes, giraffes, greater kudus, hippos, giraffes, reedbucks, blacked jackal and other primate species like; black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and many others.

Saadani National Park
Game Veiwing in Saadani National Park

Wami River.

The river is one of the stunning physical features in the national park flowing through the game park and is also considered among the top tourist attractions in the park acting as a good natural habitat for many animals like; crocodiles, and hippos among others. bird lovers can also be able to sightsee bird species like; fish eagles, kingfishers and hornbills among others.


Saadani National Park is also home to some beautiful beaches where tourists can visit and get to chill and relax while they enjoy the cool breezes, also get to catch sights of the breeding green turtles, capture classic views of the sun as well as, they get overlooked at many animals like; warthogs, elephants, lions which are spotted roaming around the beaches.

Saadani National Park also gives individuals opportunities to engage in several safari activities such as; bird watching, wildlife viewing, game drives, boat cruises that are usually conducted from Wami River, guided nature walks where they are always accompanied by park guides, community visits, and cultural encounters among others.

How to get to Saadani National Park.

Getting to the national park is one of the easiest ways as tourists can choose to travel to Saadani National Park while using road transport or air transport.

Road transport.

Those individuals who choose to use the road transport can take a drive which is about 3 hours as they set off from Dar es Salaam then pass through Chalinze heading to Mandera village and leading straight to the park headquarters.

Air transport.

Tourists who choose to use the Air transport means will be encouraged to go through their tour operators who will book their scheduled or chattered flights from either Arusha airstrip, Dar es Salaam airstrip, Tanga, Zanzibar and Saadani airstrips in order to be able to access the park.

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