Rwanda to reopen airports for commercial flights on August 1

Rwanda to reopen airports for commercial flights on August 1: Reopening of Rwanda airports for commercial flights on August 1 was announced on July 4 which brought excitement and a smile again on tourism sector as the commercialized flights are to start carrying passengers entering and exiting Rwanda airports after spending a duration of about 4 months without operation due to the suspension that was imposed on all passenger commercial flights in march in order to combat the spread of Covid19 that is spread by a virus known as Corona virus.

Several travelers including those that already booked their safaris to Rwanda and those planning to visit Rwanda have frequently asked about when Rwanda is set to reopen its airports for commercial passengers flights  and the good news is that the airports in Rwanda will resume commercial passenger flights with effect on August 1 thus travelers whose Rwanda safaris are booked for the months of August and above have gotten a golden opportunity to visit Rwanda the beautiful land of a thousand hills. 

Back in history, we all got to know the news of the new virus called Coronavirus that emerged from Wuhan City, one of the cities in China that recorded its cases in late 2019 December. However, Rwanda recoded its 1st covid19 case on March 14 and this dint leave Rwanda the same as most people in the country were filled with fear and this resulted into imposing of strict rules that included suspension of all the passenger flights from entering or leaving the airports in Rwanda allowing only the Cargo flights. This greatly affected the tourism sector in Rwanda and the entire world since there was limitation in movement in most of the countries at that time. As time went on, travelers who had scheduled nearby Rwanda safaris started rescheduling their trips as their flight tickets were cancelled. Some people even requested to be refunded but we always encouraged them to reschedule with hopes of having their Rwanda safaris in the near future.

Rwanda excited the tourism sector and put some hopes to the travel lovers on June 17 when it block out the news of reopening national parks for tourism. However, this news only favored domestic tourism for travelers who live with in Rwanda and the international tourists who could afford to use charter flights under strict rules that were issued by the ministry of health that included observing social distancing, testing for Covid19 and obtaining the results before entering the protected national parks in Rwanda, use of face masks and many more but at that time foreign travelers who couldn’t afford to use charter flights were still under suspension until further notice.

And finally, the good news is that the further notice or near future that we have all been waiting for has come to pass and as I am talking, the near future has been set to be August 1 when Rwanda is set to reopen all the airports for all the commercial passenger flights. These news were announced on July 4. This means that foreign tourists will resume their Rwanda safaris effective August 1 under the guidelines that have been put in place by both the Rwanda Development Board and the Rwanda Ministry of Health and these guidelines include;

  • Tourism activities in Rwanda with in protected places which include Akagera national park, Nyungwe forest national park, volcanoes national park and all other tourist sites are now open for all travelers worldwide.
  • All passengers on transit are required to present a covid19 test results that shows that the passenger in question in Negative and these tests must be conducted in duration of 3 days.
  • Travelers entering Rwanda, they are entitled to a test upon arrival while will bring out the results in about 24 hours
  • Social distancing must be observed at all the time
  • Travelers are advised to frequently wash their hands or use a sanitizer
  • Travelers with coronavirus related symptoms such as Coughing, high fever, and difficult breathing are advised to call the emergency center for the ministry of Health to be assisted as soon as possible.
  • Try to cover your nose and mouth in case you want to sneeze or cough 
Rwanda to reopen airports
Rwanda to reopen airports for Tourism too

Conclusion: The above guidelines are put in place in order to prevent the spread of Covid19 amongst passengers. Rwanda is amongst the East African countries that have reopened their commercial flights. You can now book your Rwanda safari and enjoy the unbeaten experience in east Africa.

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